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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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ERRE was born as a university project (Politecnico di Milano - Italy) in the 80's on a C-64 computer. The language was ported to IBM PC and revised various times.

The actual versions are:

  • V 2.6 on PC IBM and compatibles (from MS-DOS 5.0 to Win XP)
  • V 3.2 on C-64

There also a reduced version for VIC-20 (V 1.3) and a more recent version for PC (V 3.0) with limited OOP support.

ERRE is a imperative programming language: it's compiled in R-Code and then executed with an interpreter.

Web site: ERRE PROJECT[1]

Web site: ERRE TUTORIAL[2]

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