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Category:Programming Tasks

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Programming tasks are problems that may be solved through programming. When such a task is defined, Rosetta Code users are encouraged to solve them using as many different languages as they know. The end goal is to demonstrate how the same task is accomplished in different languages.

These are the Programming Tasks that have been defined and solved. Feel free to add solutions in languages not already included.

The Category:Simple is a small subset with only "really simple" tasks, like "Hello World", and demonstrations of basic language-features.

The Category:Draft Programming Tasks is a list of tasks, some of which are just awaiting more implementations before they can be promoted to tasks. Others may well have problems, (check their discussion and history pages).

The Category:Solutions by Programming Task groups tasks based on their theme (such as Mathematics or Text processing).

Read the guidelines on creating new tasks. If you need help, check the discussion for this page.

See also Help:Adding a new programming example.

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