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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
ALGOL Very Rusty
APL Used to hurt my head, I can still spell it but little else
Assembly Rusty, used to be expert S/370, moderate several others
AWK rank beginner
BASIC Rusty, a distant memory
Batch File Intermediate
C Very Rusty
C sharp rank beginner
CLIST Rusty, formerly expert
ColdFusion beginner
COBOL Rusty, read it very well
Clipper formerly beginner
Fortran Rusty, used to be advanced
HTML Intermediate
Icon Expert
J Hurts by brain, especially tacit
Java beginner
JavaScript beginner
Lisp very rusty beginner
MS SQL beginner
MySQL beginner
Pascal disliked it
Perl mildly disliked it
PHP beginner
PL/I Rusty, used to be advanced
Python beginner
REXX Rusty, formerly advanced
Sed beginner
SAS Formerly not too shabby
SNOBOL4 Rusty, used to be expert, still pretty good
SQL beginner
Unicon Expert
UNIX Shell Intermediate
XSLT beginner


I maintain and organize the various Icon / Unicon related pages on Rosetta including creating an introduction/tutorial Icon+Unicon/Intro intended to illustrate some of the essentials of the language. I've created a stub for an offshoot of Unicon called ObjectIcon and an offshoot of Icon called Jcon.

Many of the Icon/Unicon solutions on Rosetta were written by me. There have been steady and some very interesting contributions by a few others (the Icon/Unicon community here is small).

Additionally, I've created a few tasks:

What I like about Rosetta[edit]

  • I've found the ability to look at how problems are approached and solved in different languages is very practical. I've been able to describe things to developers that are based on approaches/techniques in one language and have them find a corresponding technique that they weren't previously aware of (or because I couldn't explain it in terms that they knew).
  • The effort of solving a task in an area you're unfamiliar is a great learning tool that improves your technique.
  • A number of the tasks are mind benders that force you to think beyond the normal/idiomatic ways of solving something. Of course these are frequently different for different languages. For me, Man_or_boy_test was one as well as a number of the functions of function tasks.
  • Then there are other tasks that are just plain mind benders.
  • When a number of people cooperate on a task the results can be really worthwhile.