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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
6502 Assembly Very Rusty
80386 Assembly Average
m680x0 Average
AWK Rusty
BASIC Average
Batch File Average
C Expert
C++ Average
Dart Starting
Fortran Rusty
Groovy Average
Java Expert
Make Expert
Pascal Average
Perl Expert
PHP Expert
Processing Starting
Prolog Average
python Average
Ruby Average
Sather Have used once
Sed Average
UNIX Shell Expert

Hi, my name is Alexander Lehmann. I work at a large it service company in Germany in the internet development and operations department.

I have been programming since 1981 (Commodore VIC-20 in Assembler and Basic), in quite a few languages.

Considering that I have used computers for 33 years now, I like to note that accented characters have not worked ever.

(Just thought I should add that here)