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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
BaCon Intermediate
Brainf*** Proficient
C Proficient
C++ OK
COBOL Proficient
Erlang Beginner
Elixir Beginner
Falcon Intermediate
Forth Proficient
Genie Intermediate
Haxe Beginner
Icon Proficient
Jsish Intermediate
LIL Intermediate
Neko Beginner
Never Beginner
Perl OK
Python OK
REBOL Proficient
REXX Proficient
ooRexx Proficient
Ruby Beginner
S-lang OK
Tcl OK
Unicon Proficient
Vala Intermediate
X86 Assembly OK

Brian Tiffin. Nerd over 50.

Keeper of the GnuCOBOL FAQ, and GNU maintainer for the GnuCOBOL project. Participant in the COBOL 202x Standards committee working group.

Writing a Unicon Programming book.

Fan of esoteric programming languages.