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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Mathematica Advanced
MATLAB Advanced
Python Intermediate
R Intermediate
Java intermediate
C++ Advanced
C intermediate
Assembly intermediate/atrophying
Haskell very very basic
JavaScript understand but never write
BASIC Intermediate a long time ago

Blegh! Solving these problems is a good way to relieve insomnia. I'll be around until I get my valium prescription. I do Mathematica here. Used to work with (in order of recency): MATLAB, Java, C++, C, QBasic. My main programming mode is mostly procedural and functional. I haven't had much use for oop and event-driven programming in my daily work with math simulations. I am currently working on effective concurrent computing. So yeah, I would love to see more tasks that require parallelism.

PS: In the battle between Mathematica and MATLAB, MATLAB loses...hard. That is all.