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Rosetta Code:Village Pump

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 SummaryModification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki.
Village Pump/Whoa! 10000 examples!Rosetta Code reaches 10000 entries27 February 2017 01:37:37
Village Pump/Category IntersectionsFinding pages in the intersection of two or more categories9 January 2017 07:55:30
Village Pump/CAPTCHA problemswiki reporting socket error when attempting to test CAPTCHA responses.5 October 2016 13:36:18
Village Pump/LibRC, A Library for RosettaCode CodeI wish to take all the code segments on RosettaCode that can be libified and turn all of it into a one-stop shop library for anyone to use. (The only problem is I don't know some of the languages on here and so need contributors!)29 September 2016 12:33:06
Village Pump/Repairing invisible formulae58 tasks still have formulae that have accidentally been made invisible to most browsers, mostly during a campaign of under-tested cosmetic edits over the last six months. Volunteer repair work welcome. The full list is at September 2016 11:38:02
Village Pump/Extraneous Printing Requirements in TasksSeveral tasks require printing incidental output, which distracts from the purpose of the task and needlessly inhibits idiomatic solutions in certain paradigms.11 September 2016 19:04:02
Village Pump/Image uploadsRelating to upload of images to Rosetta Code29 August 2016 13:46:56
Village Pump/CSS problem with Progress languageThe CSS for the Chamelion Theme has a conflicting CSS directive9 July 2016 01:43:47
Village Pump/tasks descriptions onlyHow to get a list of programming tasks *without* solutions21 May 2016 04:55:15
Village Pump/Please appoint more Moderators!The number of active bureaucrats / moderators appears to be 1. 2!30 March 2016 07:46:27
Village Pump/Syntax highlightingDiscuss issues related to the Syntax Highlighting system here. The old page got huge, and it became hard to discern what problems were current.27 January 2016 17:07:15
Village Pump/Adding transclusion pluginSuggestion to add an existing mediawiki plugin, Transclusion, to address other village pump topics5 December 2015 06:03:51
Village Pump/RC extraction Tool and TaskExtracting material from RC specific to one language26 October 2015 12:03:08
Village Pump/Sort popular pump pagesA Python implementation of pump sorting code.25 October 2015 06:09:18
Village Pump/Phix geshi filenew syntax file25 October 2015 01:03:32
Village Pump/SMW Examples by language and conceptDiscussion and planning for using SMW to organize/tag examples by language and concepts demonstrated by that example7 October 2015 20:56:14
Village Pump/Crafting short checklistsChecklists improve airline safety and reduce mortality in thoracic surgery. They could facilitate excellence on Rosetta Code, but would need to be short.14 September 2015 23:12:35
Village Pump/Renaming a LanguageQuestions about how to rename a language on the site2 September 2015 17:10:11
Village Pump/Javascript Functionality AddDiscussion of adding functionality to RC using JavaScript.12 August 2015 13:28:55
Village Pump/Acceptable usernamesWhat makes an acceptable user name for the site12 August 2015 13:28:11
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