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From Rosetta Code

Joined to add some Erlang examples while refreshing language skills on a bunch of fronts:

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Brainf*** Nope
C Only to hack
Erlang Very Yes
Forth Long ago! Must go back
Go Nope
Groovy Nope
Haskell Nope
JavaScript If I'm forced to
K Nope
Limbo Nope
Lisp Schoolboy
Lua Yes
Lush Nope
M4 Nope
OCaml Nope
Perl Yes
PostScript I can parse. And draw lines.
Pure What you talkin' about mister Willis?
Ruby Puts? Cars put. Golfers put.
Scheme Just to hack lillypond
Sed Of course!
Tcl Long Ago!
UNIX Shell All the time
UnixPipes How to do you do without?
Vim Script Periodically
Assembly Z8080A a very long time ago :)
80386 Assembly Long ago!
ARM Assembly Not yet!
Python Yes