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Signed up to add (time permitting) some examples in Limbo. It's a pretty great language!

Blog: http://debu.gs/

Company: http://reverso.be/

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
AWK Every chance I get
Brainf*** I'm not bad.
C Very Yes
Erlang Yes
Forth So much love
Go Yes
Groovy Used it at work a little
Haskell I'm not so good at this one
JavaScript D:<
K I'm learning
Limbo Yes
Lisp Yep
Lua Yes
Lush Totally
M4 Sorta
OCaml Poked a little, I like it
Perl Sorta
PostScript I have written a useful program in this language
Pure I like it more than I have had occasion to use it
Ruby It pays my bills since 2004-ish
Scheme Sure
Sed Of course!
Tcl Enough to order food or ask where the bathroom is
UNIX Shell Yes
UnixPipes Yeah
Unlambda Sorta...a little...
Vim Script I used to do some
Assembly Pretty handy at it
80386 Assembly Yes
ARM Assembly Yes
Python A little bit
AVR Assembly I don't think that one's here
PIC Assembly Or this one...do microcontrollers not count?
Inferno Shell This is a great language!