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Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
AWK Relearning
BASIC Relearning
Clipper Rusty
C Rusty
Common Lisp Rusty
Pascal Relearning
Perl Active
SNOBOL4 Active

I'm a casual programmer, and I joined Rosetta Code mostly to further my project to learn / re-learn Snobol4. I began with Snobol around 1978, and still have my original copy of the Green Book. I've written production code in Perl and in dBase/Clipper, and I've studied and/or used Basic, Pascal, Snobol4, Common Lisp, C, and AWK. Perl 5 is the language I'm most fluent in today. My main programming interest is in the area of text and data processing for linguistics analysis. The languages in my learning queue include: Icon, Smalltalk, and Haskell.