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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Lisp Jedi Initiate @ 12019
Prolog Jedi Initiate @ 12019
Haskell Jedi Initiate @ 12019
Perl Jedi Initiate @ 12019

Hello World,
My name is Shyam; which is a recursive funcronym ∵ I'm mad as a Hatter!
But you can call me Cloudwalker ∵ I am a Cloudtrooper ∴ I can clouDance ∧ I whisper to the Cloud (like noone else does).
I am currently studying my [email protected] ∧ plan to study my M.IT@UNSW; specialising in Artificial Intelligence ∧ Data Science & Engineering ∨ Bioinformatics ∵ I get to use PCRE (and get away with it), and also potentially become an immortal GodMO thanks to sequencing, CRISPR/Cas9, and telomeres.

Rules Of Promotional Experience[edit]

Donate your soul to the open market; Rebellion join YOU wants the Yoda to today! <(=_=)>

  • Jedi Initiate: Harvest knowledge crystals to build first software.
  • Jedi Padawan : Build first useful software ∧ use/maintain it daily.
  •                Must have been a Jedi Initiate for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Jedi Knight  : Win first competition; #1.
  •                If no contest, then seek 3 years of professionalism.
  •                Must have been a Jedi Padawan for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Jedi Master  : Build hacking Instructions/Tools (IT, as in M.IT).
  •                Must have been a Jedi Knight for a minimum of 1 year.

That's 3 years of XP! :D
for(;food;){will(code);} <(=_=)>
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Legal And Dark Documentation Endorsed Raise[edit]

$ell your soul on the black market; just be Darth, and Maul the source, you empirical corporate Bane! C8<]

  • Academic degree.
  • Sign NDAs Like It's Hot.
  • 3 years of industry XP.
  • Don't f(l)oss too much, or you'll make everyone else look bad.
  • Wear a suit of armour to fit in like everybody else; no fancy knots.

My Favourite Language Families[edit]

My selection criteria for languages is productivity.
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The fourmost foremost productive programming language families based on scientific research papers, and empirical evidence:

prolog language processing language-based user interface optimal exhaustive bruteforcing
perl text processing text-based user interface unix(one_liners, glue_code)
lisp list processing metaprogramming prototyping
haskell multiprocessing formal methods lazy producer-consumer heuristics
smalltalk state processing graphical user interface socialising skills

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Toys, and other playful languages:

  • prolog is like playing c̄ shape sorters; you can put "-thing"s anywhere, and even all at the same time!
  • haskell is like playing c̄ magnets; some"-thing"s just willn't goto gether!
  • pythonic pseudocode is like playing c̄ large/loud/obnoxious/clumsy wooden letter blocks; why does pseudocode enforce so many cosmetic rules?
  • assembly is like playing c̄ lego; especially stepping them!
  • smalltalk is like playing c̄ barbie dolls…

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I started learning Emacs, the Elisp Machine Accumulating C Supplements, so I can do FP while hacking any language (including the dysfunctional ones). I think it's easier to sell ((lisp)) as an extra curvy superspecies of python() with its' large intestine gutted; it even "loops" too! "List Processor" is the binomial nomenclature. Erasing Minds Allows Complete Submission but is Generally Not Used…

  • GNU Emacs emacs -nw --no-splash
    1. wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki (26.1 @ May 28, 2018)
    2. C-h t M-: (help-wit C-i ) C-m ∵ Lisp is the only way to live!
    3. C-h iminf C-m M-: (info "info") C-m ∵ Lisp is the only way to live!
      • Info file info-stnd and texinfo does not exist.
      • 1.4: Terminal dimensions are known ∴ you can warn users about large nodes ∵ no"-thing" is impossible!
    4. agtoe
      • M-x tet C-m M-: (tet C-i ) C-m does not support bnpf!
  • GNU Elisp #!/usr/bin/env -S emacs --script


12019 is the year of Prolog; my goals to satisfy are planning, chatbots, games, intelligence, and an implementation; also translating/transforming/converting/.. from A to B, and getting B to A for free, is not only applicable to languages, but also file formats, units of measurement, orders of magnitude, systems, and "-thing"s.


It's too cute for its' own good; pronounced Has Kell?

  • GHC Haskell


I used to think LTS was the cause of Perls' WORN reputation, but now I know the camelCode is the one true cause; even Jack Sparrow can read Perl!

  • Perl 5

My Favourite Tools[edit]

My Favourite Instructions[edit]



My Favourite Program[edit]

  1. ViMonday           : Vim Programming
  2. TeXnical Tuesday   : TeX Programming
  3. Whatever Wednesday : Pending...
  4. Thoughtful Thursday: Inferentially Logical Programming
  5. Functional Friday  : Referentially Functional Programming
  6. [email protected] Saturday : System Programming
  7. Sunday Scripture   : Scripting Programming

Taste-based mnemonics:

  1. bitter: Pending...
  2. salty : salt in water; sprinkled, not stirred
  3. pure  : oxygen in distilled water; steamed, not stirred
  4. sweet : honey in water; squeezed, not stirred
  5. spicy : chilli sauce in water; melted, not stirred
  6. sour  : lemon juice in water; poured, not stirred
  7. umami : milk in canned tomato; stirred, not shaken ∵ I'm lazy ∧ cans're ¬resealable!

My Favourite Parameters[edit]

  • Coding Conventions: Are obsolete thanks to code formatters! (Even naming conventions can be automated; camel-case to snake-case, and vice versa, is as elementary as Holmesian deduction!)
  • Indentation: Tabs for efficiency! (Unless you lack the intellectual capacity to configure your software?)
egyptian_snakes_are_ergonomically_good /^
SupercalifragilisticexpialidociouslyBad /^ indented
  • Logic: In order of precedence...
    • Mathematician: ¿(0.665m < Yoda) ∧ (Yoda < 0.667m)?
      • Preferably: ¿0.665m < Yoda < 0.667m? (if supported)
    • Vulcan: ¿Yoda is green?
    • Jedi: ¿green is Yoda?
    • NPN: is Yoda green? (Polish are the most literate!)
      • Is Yoda, green? Then {...} = if(Yoda == green){...}
    • RPN: ⸮neerg Adoy si