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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
csh Ad-hoc
Assembly I tinker some. Z80, 68k, x86, PIC
AWK Intermediate
C when necessary
C++ when absolutely necessary
Forth Intermediate, but rusty
Fortran77 Advanced but rusty
IDL Advanced
LaTeX On the basic side of intermediate
Lisp Rarely
Maple Intermediate but rusty
Mathematica Like Maple but a little less so
MOO Basic
MySQL Intermediate
PHP Enough to be dangerous
PostScript Somewhat rusty
POV-Ray Intermediate
Perl I tinker
Python Enough to be dangerous
Tcl On the advanced side of intermediate
Verilog Intermediate
ZX Spectrum Basic Not in 30 years


Just another one of those people who like tinkering with computers. Sometimes I get paid for it, sometimes I don't.

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