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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
C highest: wrote compilers in C, gave C seminars
Objective-C high: iOS & OS X programming
C# high: MonoTouch, ASP.NET MVC
Perl my web bread & butter in the 90s
PHP my web bread & butter in the 00s
JavaScript pretty high; hurray AJAX!
Lua modified WoW add-ons; published an iphone app in it
C++ many KLoCs written in the 90s, some in 00s: MFC, wxWidgets, Qt
X86 Assembly lots of hobbyist assembly coding in the 00s: MASM32
Python pretty good at it; mostly tinkering: web2py
Fortran my bread & butter in the 80s: Fortran IV & 77
APL head over heels in love at school; mostly forgotten now
Prolog see APL
Maria Pancotto see APL

I can be reached at mike at mikelorenz dot com.