I'm working on modernizing Rosetta Code's infrastructure. Starting with communications. Please accept this time-limited open invite to RC's Slack.. --Michael Mol (talk) 20:59, 30 May 2020 (UTC)


From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Batch File Advanced
C Intermediate
C++ Beginner
C sharp Advanced
Delphi Beginner
GolfScript Looked at it once
Haskell Beginner
J Looked at it once
Java Advanced
Pascal Knew it fairly well once
PostScript Beginner
PowerShell Advanced
Python Beginner
R Looked at it once
Visual Basic Beginner (again)
XSLT Knew it fairly well once

Computer science student at the University of Rostock. Frequently answers Batch and Powershell questions at Stackoverflow. Trying to help for both here.

My contributions to Rosetta Code can be found in my SVN repository. All those contributions (in their original form, found in my repository) are also licensed under a three-clause BSD license besides the mandatory GNU FDL used for Rosetta Code.

New account of User:Ygramul, since a sudden crash killed both my cookie and my password (yes, it was randomly generated and no, I didn't know it. There's software for that ...).