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From Rosetta Code

Hi, I am Eddy McDaid and I've been a programmer since 1981. After graduating in computer science I spent 15 years working in research and then another 15 years as a consultant. I also ran development and technology at a $2T fintech startup for four years before leaving to create Zoea and Zoea Visual. When I'm not working you can often find me at the BCS (I'm a 'Fellow') or at RAS events.

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Zoea Very Active
Zoea Visual Very Active
JavaScript Very Active
Prolog Very Active
Perl Very Active
CHR Very Active
C Active
Java Active
SQL Active
Apex Active
Lua Rusty
Lisp Rusty
Fortran Rusty
PostScript Rusty
Smalltalk Rusty
Metatalk Rusty
Forth Rusty
Basic Rusty