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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
J Primary
Perl Secondary
APL Secondary

who i am[edit]

Hi. I'm DanBron. I never log in, but I've edited from several IPs. The ones I can remember right now are:

(keep in mind these are shared IPs, so not all the edits may be mine).

I'm also known as DanBron on Wikipedia and DanBron on the J wiki.

why i'm here[edit]

As you can probably tell from my edits, I'm a fan of J. You can often find me on the J Forums; I post from j AT bron DOT us (and that's the best way to contact me, too).

what i've done[edit]

Tasks I can remember creating (i.e. the ones I created around the time I wrote the sentence you're reading right now):

Other tasks or solutions I've liked:

what i'll do[edit]

Tasks and solutions:

Administrivia and evangelism:

  • Figure out if I can add interwikis to the J Wiki.
  • Figure out how to add syntax highlighting for J.

what I need[edit]

In re: my todo list, if anyone knows the best way to add syntax highlighting support for J, either here or on Wikipedia (Wikimedia, Wiki Commons, etc), please let me know 1 2. Possibly useful links: