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From Rosetta Code
Languages I Know
Language Proficiency
C++ Master
HLA Basic
Bash Intermediate
Batch File Advanced - Rusty
C Master
C sharp Advanced - Rusty
Clojure Intermediate
D Intermediate - Rusty
Delphi Intermediate - Rusty
Erlang Basic
Haskell Intermediate
Java Upper-intermediate - Rusty
JavaScript Advanced
Common Lisp Advanced - Rusty
LiveScript Advanced
Lua Intermediate
newLISP Upper-intermediate
Pascal Advanced
PHP Basic
Prolog Intermediate - Rusty
Python Upper-intermediate
Racket Intermediate
Ruby Upper-Intermediate
Scala Intermediate
Scheme Intermediate - Rusty
Smalltalk Basic
SQL Intermediate
zsh Basic

My name is Duong "cmpitg" Nguyen. I'm a FOSS activist, Lisper, Emacser, and language lover. Ping me on Github, Twitter, or visit my site.