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From Rosetta Code

Getting myself a part of the Programmer Museum, I state the languages I have been in contact with here. As you can see I prefer indented languages nowadays. Ruby has a special place in my heart, but Python has all the libraries. Python is slow, although it beats Fortran in matrix operation today, thanks to Numpy. Still teaches Coffeescript as the syntax is easy and runs in the browser. Nim is my latest crush, as it is a typed Python, kind of. Yes, I am poly amorous.

I have spent a lot of time on Project Euler. Project Euler is a gold mine if you want to see old languages in action.

Latest Programming Competition I participated in was Google Hash Code 2019. C++ and Python are in heavy use there.

Pages I started
# Task Title Created Languages
1 Resistance Calculator 2019 March CoffeeScript Nim Python
2 Chemical Calculator 2019 March CoffeeScript Nim Python
3 Resistance Network Calculator 2019 March Python
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Fortran University
Cobol University
APL University
C University, major project
Pascal University
Visual Basic Been teaching
Delphi Been teaching
C# Major project
Java Major project
C++ Job related
JavaScript No comment
Ruby Was in love
Python Is in love
Coffeescript Is in love
Nim Is in love