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From Rosetta Code

I work in mathematics but dabble in computer science, in part because my research requires me to write code.

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Ada Learning, and intrigued
BASIC Very Very Rusty, and glad of it
C Active, and sorry for it
C++ Active, and sorry for it
Eiffel Rusty, and sorry for it
Java Rusty
Kotlin Learning, and liking it
Modula-2 Rusty
Modula-3 Learning, and loving it
Oberon Appreciate it
Pascal Rusty
Perl Very Very Rusty, and glad of it
UNIX Shell Weak


I haven't done much Ada, but I am responsible for this/these.


For the most part I've been adding Modula-3 implementations of various tasks. I started off just "fixing" a couple of implementations that needed attention, and then got carried away adding implementations that didn't exist. So far, I'm guilty of

I'm not particularly fanatical about Modula-3; I just happen to enjoy it a lot, certainly more than other languages I've had to use, and these tasks were there, waiting to be done (or improved). I may add implementations for other tasks in other languages as time and energy permit.