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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
APL Beginner
AWK Experienced
BASIC256 Experienced
Batch File Experienced
C Professional
C++ Professional
Java Beginner
JavaScript Experienced
Pascal Experienced
PDP-11 Assembly Experienced
PHP Experienced
Python Professional
Rust Beginner
Swift Beginner
TMG Experienced
UNIX Shell Professional

My name is Andriy Makukha.

I'm from Ukraine and my native language is Python.

In 2012, I used BASIC-256 for educational purposes. It's a fun and powerful environment with many great features (like easy graphics handling, native speech synthesis, mouse and DB support).

In 2020, I ported the Unix TMG compiler-compiler from PDP-11 assembly to portable C. TMG was the first high-level programming language running on UNIX. This tiny historic language, especially intended for grammar parsing and translation tasks, impressed me, and I decided to share some TMG programs on RosettaCode.

My gallery[edit]

My BASIC-256 implementations:

I also implemented Ackermann function in BASIC-256 before this language got proper functions (I might be the one who inspired the authors to finally add that feature).

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