From Rosetta Code

Name is Troy Korjuslommi. I like to work with my Trusted Friend, but also rely on my Right Arm. For the odd jobs, I also like Fun Scripting as a time saver. I have been known to dabble in graphics with My Pencil, and I also have So Many Memories of drawing and other fun stuff. My Ex and I still get along, but rarely see each other. There is nothing like Old Friends to help glue things together. I do resort to the ABCs occasionally, but prefer my Trusted Friend to get my message across. Sometimes, though, Why Not get to the bottom of things? I mostly work with Penguins, so I don't have to compare Apples and Oranges on a daily basis.

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Ada Trusted Friend
AppleScript Old Friend
ARM Assembly Why Not?
C The ABCs
C++/CLI Oranges
C++ Right Arm
Java So Many Memories
Objective-C For Apples
Perl My Ex
PostScript My Pencil
Python Fun Scripting