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  • Don't write another book!
  • Sections should be useful to reference in examples

Under Construction Notes[edit]

This page is a work in progress. The objectives of this page are as follows:

  • Provide a place to put detailed documentation or descriptions that can be referenced from task pages or category pages
  • Provide something akin to a readers digest condensed version of the books and other references
  • Some of the information may be more appropriately moved to Paradigm pages

This is likely to require moving some sections around later. For now I'd like to get content going

The initial text of this page has been taken from Flow-control_structures#Icon_and_Unicon. Once that section is reworked flow control will need updating to link back here.


  • The data types might be better in a table. Wait until it's populated to change it.
  • probably need more intra-article links, later
  • Need a task that just shines in with a co-expression.

Stuff that may belong/be needed elsewhere[edit]


All test for now.

I'm thinking the best approach is to go with test 2 and dispense with the heavy duty WP code.

Test 1 - WP Reflist[edit]

Test Refs[edit]

  • Blah blah blah [1]
  • Fee Fie Foe Fum[2]

Test Reflist[edit]

  1. Loewe, Michael (1993). "Chapter 26: Japanese Naval Codes". in F. H. Hinsley and Alan Stripp. Codebreakers: The Inside Story of Bletchley Park. Oxford University Press. Template:Citation/identifier. 
  2. The Icon Programming Language, 3rd Edition; Ralph E. Griswold, Madge T. Griswold;Peer-to-Peer Communications;ISBN 1-57398-001-3; Public Domain

Test 2 - Naked Refs[edit]

Test Refs[edit]

  • Fee Fie Foe Fum[1]

Test Reflist[edit]

Notes on WP Reflist Templates Needed/copied/errored[edit]

Copied from Wikipedia or other extensions

At this point it's largely working for basic foot/end-notes. Some missing templates for full citations. I'll have to pick up later. With all this other stuff dragged in. Wonder about the wisdom of this re:cleanup effort. It does basic refs.

Maybe going back to using reference tag that it encapsulates.

Missing Files from doc

  • File:Imbox notice.png
  • File:Template-info.svg Template documentation