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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
Execution method: Compiled (bytecode)
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Listed below are all of the tasks on Rosetta Code which have been solved using Script3D.
Your Help Needed
If you know Script3D, please write code for some of the tasks not implemented in Script3D.
Script3D (S3D) is a programming language for 3D applications adopted in the XVR Virtual Reality Framework. It is an object oriented language with some specific features for 3D computations.

This language has been designed by Scuola Superiore S.Anna in Pisa, Italy, and is used for a variety of virtual reality applications, mostly in Europe. It is taught in some introductory university courses for virtual reality applications.

The language is typically compiled to bytecode and executed by the XVR Virtual Machine inside a Web Browser or as a standalone application.


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