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This is the   $SPELL#.REX   (REXX) program.

It is invoked (called) from other REXX programs to spell numbers with various options, including spelling the number as an ordinal number.

The help for the   $SPELL#.REX   REXX program is included here   ──►   $SPELL#.HEL.

The   $SPELL#.REX   REXX program makes use of   $ERR.REX   REXX program which is used to display error messages (via   $T.REX);   error messages are displayed in red if the terminal supports color.
The   $ERR.REX   REXX program is included here   ──►   $ERR.REX.

The   $SPELL#.REX   REXX program makes use of   $T.REX   REXX program which is used to display text messages.
The   $T.REX   REXX program is included here   ──►   $T.REX.

/*REXX program converts a numeric string into English words, with support for ordinals, */
/*─────────────── some national currency symbols, decimal fractions, and other options. */
trace off /*suppress superfluous return codes. */
parse arg ! /*save the original arguments in ! var.*/
if !all( arg() ) then exit /*exit pgm if user wanted documentation*/
if !cms then address ''
signal on halt /*establish a method to handle HALTs. */
signal on noValue /*handle uninitialized REXX variables. */
signal on syntax /* " REXX syntax errors in this pgm*/
/* [↓] set some REXX variables & such.*/
@abc = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
@abcU = @abc
upper @abcU
american = 0 /*express numbers in American notation.*/
english = 0 /* " " " English " */
asayear = 0 /* " " as a year. */
ordinal = 0 /* " " as an ordinal. */
leadingz = /* " leading zeros in numbers. */
asis = 0
blanks =
british = 0
clear = 0
colors = !cms |  !pcrexx |  !r4 |  !roo /*this terminal supports colors. */
dot =
leading =
logs = 0
n =
ops = space(!!)
quiet = 0
sep = 'none' /*a decimal number period separator. */
single = 0
tfid = /*a temporary file id (if needed). */
tops = /*options used for the $T REXX pgm. */
xcurr =
andcent = 'and' /*English phrase for: "and xxx cents" */
minus = 'minus ' /* " word for a minus sign. */
nothing = 'zero' /* " " " " zero digit. */
plus = 'plus ' /* " " " " plus sign. */
point = 'point' /* " " " " decimal point. */
zero = 'oh' /* " " " " zero. */
power = 'power' /*phrase when #'s are raised to a power*/
raised = 'times ten raised to the' /* " " " " " " " " */
cent = 'cent' /*English word for a ¢ currency symbol*/
dollar = 'dollar' /* " " " " $ " " */
euro = 'euro' /* " " " " ε " " */
franc = 'franc' /* " " " " ƒ " " */
piseta = 'piseta' /* " " " " ₧ " " */
pound = 'pound' /* " " " " £ " " */
yen = 'yen' /* " " " " ¥ " " */
do while ops\=='' /*process user arguments and options. */
parse var ops _1 2 1 _ . 1 _o ops /*pull assunder some parts of an option*/
upper _ /*uppercase the _ variable. */
when isnum(_) then n= n || _ /*if numeric, then append this digit.*/
when _==',' | _=="(" | _==')' then nop /*ignore any commas and parentheses.*/
when _1==. & pos("=",_)\==0 then tops= tops _o
when abbn('AMERican') then american= no()
when abbn('ASAYEAR') |,
abbn('ASYEAR') |,
abbn('YEAR') then asayear= no()
when abb('BEINGRAISed') |,
abb('RAISEd') then raised= na()
when abb('BLANKs') then blanks= na()
when abbn('BRITish') then british= no()
when abb('CENTs') then cent= na()
when abbn('CLearscreen') then clear= no()
when abbn('COLORs') then colors= no()
when abb('DECIMALpoints') |,
abb('DOLLARs') then dollar= na()
when abbn('ENGlish') then english= no()
when abb('EUROs') then euro= na()
when abb('FRANCs') then franc= na()
when abb('LEADINGzeroes') |,
abb('LEADINGzeros') then leading= na()
when abbn('LOGs') then logs= no()
when abb('MINUSsigns') |,
abb('MINUSes') then minus= na()" "
when abb('NOTHINGs') then nothing= na()
when abbn('ORDinal') then ordinal= no()
when abb('PISETAs') then piseta= na()
when abb('POWer') then power= na()
when abb('PLUSsigns') |,
abb('PLUSes') then plus= na()" "
when abb('POINTs') then point= na()
when abb('POUNDs') then pound= na()
when abbn('Quiet') then quiet= no()
when abb('SEPerators') then sep= na()
when abbn('SINGley') then single= no()
when abb('YENs') then yen= na()
when abb('ZEROs') |,
abb('ZEROes') then zero= na()
otherwise n= n || _o
end /*select*/
end /*while ops···*/
if sep=='none' then if pos(",", n)\==0 then sep= ','
if sep=='none' then sep=
ogn= n /*the original number that was entered. */
_= blanks /*validate the BLANKS= option. */
L= length(_)
if L >3 then call er 55,_
if L==3 then do /*it's a decimal value for BLANKS. */
if \isint(_) then call er 92, _ "BLANK="
if _<0 | _>255 then call er 81, 0 255 _ "BLANKS="
blanks= d2c(_)
if L==2 then do /*it's a hexadecimal value for BLANKS. */
if \ishex(_) then call er 40,_
blanks= x2c(_)
if colors then tops= '.P=1 .A=1 .C=green' tops /*colors used by the $T program. */
if logs then tops= '.F='gettfid(,"ANS") tops /*logfile " " " $T " */
tops=space(tops) /*options " " " $T " */
if n=='' then call er 54 /*oops─ay, no arguments entered. */
if asayear & ordinal then call er 61, 'ASAYEAR ORDINAL'
if single & ordinal then call er 61, 'SINGLEY ORDINAL'
if american & english then call er 61, 'AMERICAN ENGLISH'
if american & british then call er 61, 'AMERICAN BRITISH'
if \american & \english & \british then american= 1
if english then british = 1
if clear then !cls /*the terminal screen to be cleared?*/
dig. =
dig.0 = zero
dig.1 = 'one'
dig.2 = 'two'
dig.3 = 'three'
dig.4 = 'four'
dig.5 = 'five'
dig.6 = 'six'
dig.7 = 'seven'
dig.8 = 'eight'
dig.9 = 'nine'
_='0 thousand m b tr quadr quint sext sept oct non dec undec duodec tredec quattuordec quinquadec sedec septendec octodec novendec vigin unvigin duovigin tresvigin quattuorvigin quinquavigin sesvigin septemvigin octovigin novemvigin trigin'
_=_ 'untrigin duotrigin trestrigin quattuortrigin quinquatrigin sestrigin septentrigin octotrigin noventrigin quadragin unquadragin duoquadragin tresquadragin quattuorquadragin quinquaquadragin sesquadragin septenquadragin octoquadragin'
_=_ 'novenquadragin quinquagin unquinquagin duoquinquagin tresquinquagin quattuorquinquagin quinquaquinquagin sesquinquagin septenquinquagin octoquinquagin novenquinquagin sexagin unsexagin duosexagin tresexagin quattuorsexagin quinquasexagin'
_=_ 'sesexagin septensexagin octosexagin novensexagin septuagin unseptuagin duoseptuagin treseptuagin quattuorseptuagin quinquaseptuagin seseptuagin septenseptuagin octoseptuagin novenseptuagin octogin unoctogin duooctogin tresoctogin'
_=_ 'quattuoroctogin quinquaoctogin sexoctogin septemoctogin octooctogin novemoctogin nonagin unnonagin duononagin trenonagin quattuornonagin quinquanonagin senonagin septenonagin octononagin novenonagin cen uncen duocen trescen quattuorcen'
_=_ 'quinquacen sexcen septencen octocen novencen decicen undecicen duodecicen tredecicen quattuordecicen quinquadecicen sedecicen septendecicen octodecicen novendecicen viginticen unviginticen duoviginticen tresviginticen quattuorviginticen'
_=_ 'quinquaviginticen sesviginticen septemviginticen octoviginticen novemviginticen trigintacen untrigintacen duotrigintacen trestrigintacen quattuortrigintacen quinquatrigintacen sestrigintacen septentrigintacen octotrigintacen'
_=_ 'noventrigintacen quadragintacen unquadragintacen duoquadragintacen tresquadragintacen quattuorquadragintacen quinquaquadragintacen sesquadragintacen septenquadragintacen octoquadragintacen novenquadragintacen quinquagintacen'
_=_ 'unquinquagintacen duoquinquagintacen tresquinquagintacen quattuorquinquagintacen quinquaquinquagintacen sesquinquagintacen septenquinquagintacen octoquinquagintacen novenquinquagintacen sexagintacen unsexagintacen duosexagintacen'
_=_ 'tresexagintacen quattuorsexagintacen quinquasexagintacen sesexagintacen septensexagintacen octosexagintacen novensexagintacen septuagintacen unseptuagintacen duoseptuagintacen treseptuagintacen quattuorseptuagintacen quinquaseptuagintacen'
_=_ 'seseptuagintacen septenseptuagintacen octoseptuagintacen novenseptuagintacen octogintacen unoctogintacen duooctogintacen tresoctogintacen quattuoroctogintacen quinquaoctogintacen sexoctogintacen septemoctogintacen octooctogintacen'
_=_ 'novemoctogintacen nonagintacen unnonagintacen duononagintacen trenonagintacen quattuornonagintacen quinquanonagintacen senonagintacen septenonagintacen octononagintacen novenonagintacen ducen unducen duoducen treducen quattuorducen'
_=_ 'quinquaducen seducen septenducen octoducen novenducen deciducen undeciducen duodeciducen tredeciducen quattuordeciducen quinquadeciducen sedeciducen septendeciducen octodeciducen novendeciducen vigintiducen unvigintiducen duovigintiducen'
_=_ 'tresvigintiducen quattuorvigintiducen quinquavigintiducen sesvigintiducen septemvigintiducen octovigintiducen novemvigintiducen trigintaducen untrigintaducen duotrigintaducen trestrigintaducen quattuortrigintaducen quinquatrigintaducen'
_=_ 'sestrigintaducen septentrigintaducen octotrigintaducen noventrigintaducen quadragintaducen unquadragintaducen duoquadragintaducen tresquadragintaducen quattuorquadragintaducen quinquaquadragintaducen sesquadragintaducen'
_=_ 'septenquadragintaducen octoquadragintaducen novenquadragintaducen quinquagintaducen unquinquagintaducen duoquinquagintaducen tresquinquagintaducen quattuorquinquagintaducen quinquaquinquagintaducen sesquinquagintaducen'
_=_ 'septenquinquagintaducen octoquinquagintaducen novenquinquagintaducen sexagintaducen unsexagintaducen duosexagintaducen tresexagintaducen quattuorsexagintaducen quinquasexagintaducen sesexagintaducen septensexagintaducen octosexagintaducen'
_=_ 'novensexagintaducen septuagintaducen unseptuagintaducen duoseptuagintaducen treseptuagintaducen quattuorseptuagintaducen quinquaseptuagintaducen seseptuagintaducen septenseptuagintaducen octoseptuagintaducen novenseptuagintaducen'
_=_ 'octogintaducen unoctogintaducen duooctogintaducen tresoctogintaducen quattuoroctogintaducen quinquaoctogintaducen sexoctogintaducen septemoctogintaducen octooctogintaducen novemoctogintaducen nonagintaducen unnonagintaducen'
_=_ 'duononagintaducen trenonagintaducen quattuornonagintaducen quinquanonagintaducen senonagintaducen septenonagintaducen octononagintaducen novenonagintaducen trecen untrecen duotrecen trestrecen quattuortrecen quinquatrecen sestrecen'
_=_ 'septentrecen octotrecen noventrecen decitrecen undecitrecen duodecitrecen tredecitrecen quattuordecitrecen quinquadecitrecen sedecitrecen septendecitrecen octodecitrecen novendecitrecen vigintitrecen unvigintitrecen duovigintitrecen'
_=_ 'tresvigintitrecen quattuorvigintitrecen quinquavigintitrecen sesvigintitrecen septemvigintitrecen octovigintitrecen novemvigintitrecen trigintatrecen untrigintatrecen duotrigintatrecen trestrigintatrecen quattuortrigintatrecen'
_=_ 'quinquatrigintatrecen sestrigintatrecen septentrigintatrecen octotrigintatrecen noventrigintatrecen quadragintatrecen unquadragintatrecen duoquadragintatrecen tresquadragintatrecen quattuorquadragintatrecen quinquaquadragintatrecen'
_=_ 'sesquadragintatrecen septenquadragintatrecen octoquadragintatrecen novenquadragintatrecen quinquagintatrecen unquinquagintatrecen duoquinquagintatrecen tresquinquagintatrecen quattuorquinquagintatrecen quinquaquinquagintatrecen'
_=_ 'sesquinquagintatrecen septenquinquagintatrecen octoquinquagintatrecen novenquinquagintatrecen sexagintatrecen unsexagintatrecen duosexagintatrecen tresexagintatrecen quattuorsexagintatrecen quinquasexagintatrecen sesexagintatrecen'
_=_ 'septensexagintatrecen octosexagintatrecen novensexagintatrecen septuagintatrecen unseptuagintatrecen duoseptuagintatrecen treseptuagintatrecen quattuorseptuagintatrecen quinquaseptuagintatrecen seseptuagintatrecen septenseptuagintatrecen'
_=_ 'octoseptuagintatrecen novenseptuagintatrecen octogintatrecen unoctogintatrecen duooctogintatrecen tresoctogintatrecen quattuoroctogintatrecen quinquaoctogintatrecen sexoctogintatrecen septemoctogintatrecen octooctogintatrecen'
_=_ 'novemoctogintatrecen nonagintatrecen unnonagintatrecen duononagintatrecen trenonagintatrecen quattuornonagintatrecen quinquanonagintatrecen senonagintatrecen septenonagintatrecen octononagintatrecen novenonagintatrecen quadringen'
_=_ 'unquadringen duoquadringen tresquadringen quattuorquadringen quinquaquadringen sesquadringen septenquadringen octoquadringen novenquadringen deciquadringen undeciquadringen duodeciquadringen tredeciquadringen quattuordeciquadringen'
_=_ 'quinquadeciquadringen sedeciquadringen septendeciquadringen octodeciquadringen novendeciquadringen vigintiquadringen unvigintiquadringen duovigintiquadringen tresvigintiquadringen quattuorvigintiquadringen quinquavigintiquadringen'
_=_ 'sesvigintiquadringen septemvigintiquadringen octovigintiquadringen novemvigintiquadringen trigintaquadringen untrigintaquadringen duotrigintaquadringen trestrigintaquadringen quattuortrigintaquadringen quinquatrigintaquadringen'
_=_ 'sestrigintaquadringen septentrigintaquadringen octotrigintaquadringen noventrigintaquadringen quadragintaquadringen unquadragintaquadringen duoquadragintaquadringen tresquadragintaquadringen quattuorquadragintaquadringen'
_=_ 'quinquaquadragintaquadringen sesquadragintaquadringen septenquadragintaquadringen octoquadragintaquadringen novenquadragintaquadringen quinquagintaquadringen unquinquagintaquadringen duoquinquagintaquadringen tresquinquagintaquadringen'
_=_ 'quattuorquinquagintaquadringen quinquaquinquagintaquadringen sesquinquagintaquadringen septenquinquagintaquadringen octoquinquagintaquadringen novenquinquagintaquadringen sexagintaquadringen unsexagintaquadringen duosexagintaquadringen'
_=_ 'tresexagintaquadringen quattuorsexagintaquadringen quinquasexagintaquadringen sesexagintaquadringen septensexagintaquadringen octosexagintaquadringen novensexagintaquadringen septuagintaquadringen unseptuagintaquadringen'
_=_ 'duoseptuagintaquadringen treseptuagintaquadringen quattuorseptuagintaquadringen quinquaseptuagintaquadringen seseptuagintaquadringen septenseptuagintaquadringen octoseptuagintaquadringen novenseptuagintaquadringen octogintaquadringen'
_=_ 'unoctogintaquadringen duooctogintaquadringen tresoctogintaquadringen quattuoroctogintaquadringen quinquaoctogintaquadringen sexoctogintaquadringen septemoctogintaquadringen octooctogintaquadringen novemoctogintaquadringen'
_=_ 'nonagintaquadringen unnonagintaquadringen duononagintaquadringen trenonagintaquadringen quattuornonagintaquadringen quinquanonagintaquadringen senonagintaquadringen septenonagintaquadringen octononagintaquadringen novenonagintaquadringen'
_=_ 'quingen unquingen duoquingen tresquingen quattuorquingen quinquaquingen sesquingen septenquingen octoquingen novenquingen deciquingen undeciquingen duodeciquingen tredeciquingen quattuordeciquingen quinquadeciquingen sedeciquingen'
_=_ 'septendeciquingen octodeciquingen novendeciquingen vigintiquingen unvigintiquingen duovigintiquingen tresvigintiquingen quattuorvigintiquingen quinquavigintiquingen sesvigintiquingen septemvigintiquingen octovigintiquingen'
_=_ 'novemvigintiquingen trigintaquingen untrigintaquingen duotrigintaquingen trestrigintaquingen quattuortrigintaquingen quinquatrigintaquingen sestrigintaquingen septentrigintaquingen octotrigintaquingen noventrigintaquingen quadragintaquinge'
_=_ 'unquadragintaquingen duoquadragintaquingen tresquadragintaquingen quattuorquadragintaquingen quinquaquadragintaquingen sesquadragintaquingen septenquadragintaquingen octoquadragintaquingen novenquadragintaquingen quinquagintaquingen'
_=_ 'unquinquagintaquingen duoquinquagintaquingen tresquinquagintaquingen quattuorquinquagintaquingen quinquaquinquagintaquingen sesquinquagintaquingen septenquinquagintaquingen octoquinquagintaquingen novenquinquagintaquingen sexagintaquingen'
_=_ 'unsexagintaquingen duosexagintaquingen tresexagintaquingen quattuorsexagintaquingen quinquasexagintaquingen sesexagintaquingen septensexagintaquingen octosexagintaquingen novensexagintaquingen septuagintaquingen unseptuagintaquingen'
_=_ 'duoseptuagintaquingen treseptuagintaquingen quattuorseptuagintaquingen quinquaseptuagintaquingen seseptuagintaquingen septenseptuagintaquingen octoseptuagintaquingen novenseptuagintaquingen octogintaquingen unoctogintaquingen'
_=_ 'duooctogintaquingen tresoctogintaquingen quattuoroctogintaquingen quinquaoctogintaquingen sexoctogintaquingen septemoctogintaquingen octooctogintaquingen novemoctogintaquingen nonagintaquingen unnonagintaquingen duononagintaquingen'
_=_ 'trenonagintaquingen quattuornonagintaquingen quinquanonagintaquingen senonagintaquingen septenonagintaquingen octononagintaquingen novenonagintaquingen sescen unsescen duosescen tresescen quattuorsescen quinquasescen sesescen septensescen'
_=_ 'octosescen novensescen decisescen undecisescen duodecisescen tredecisescen quattuordecisescen quinquadecisescen sedecisescen septendecisescen octodecisescen novendecisescen vigintisescen unvigintisescen duovigintisescen tresvigintisescen'
_=_ 'quattuorvigintisescen quinquavigintisescen sesvigintisescen septemvigintisescen octovigintisescen novemvigintisescen trigintasescen untrigintasescen duotrigintasescen trestrigintasescen quattuortrigintasescen quinquatrigintasescen'
_=_ 'sestrigintasescen septentrigintasescen octotrigintasescen noventrigintasescen quadragintasescen unquadragintasescen duoquadragintasescen tresquadragintasescen quattuorquadragintasescen quinquaquadragintasescen sesquadragintasescen'
_=_ 'septenquadragintasescen octoquadragintasescen novenquadragintasescen quinquagintasescen unquinquagintasescen duoquinquagintasescen tresquinquagintasescen quattuorquinquagintasescen quinquaquinquagintasescen sesquinquagintasescen'
_=_ 'septenquinquagintasescen octoquinquagintasescen novenquinquagintasescen sexagintasescen unsexagintasescen duosexagintasescen tresexagintasescen quattuorsexagintasescen quinquasexagintasescen sesexagintasescen septensexagintasescen'
_=_ 'octosexagintasescen novensexagintasescen septuagintasescen unseptuagintasescen duoseptuagintasescen treseptuagintasescen quattuorseptuagintasescen quinquaseptuagintasescen seseptuagintasescen septenseptuagintasescen octoseptuagintasescen'
_=_ 'novenseptuagintasescen octogintasescen unoctogintasescen duooctogintasescen tresoctogintasescen quattuoroctogintasescen quinquaoctogintasescen sexoctogintasescen septemoctogintasescen octooctogintasescen novemoctogintasescen nonagintasesce'
_=_ 'unnonagintasescen duononagintasescen trenonagintasescen quattuornonagintasescen quinquanonagintasescen senonagintasescen septenonagintasescen octononagintasescen novenonagintasescen septingen unseptingen duoseptingen treseptingen'
_=_ 'quattuorseptingen quinquaseptingen seseptingen septenseptingen octoseptingen novenseptingen deciseptingen undeciseptingen duodeciseptingen tredeciseptingen quattuordeciseptingen quinquadeciseptingen sedeciseptingen septendeciseptingen'
_=_ 'octodeciseptingen novendeciseptingen vigintiseptingen unvigintiseptingen duovigintiseptingen tresvigintiseptingen quattuorvigintiseptingen quinquavigintiseptingen sesvigintiseptingen septemvigintiseptingen octovigintiseptingen'
_=_ 'novemvigintiseptingen trigintaseptingen untrigintaseptingen duotrigintaseptingen trestrigintaseptingen quattuortrigintaseptingen quinquatrigintaseptingen sestrigintaseptingen septentrigintaseptingen octotrigintaseptingen'
_=_ 'noventrigintaseptingen quadragintaseptingen unquadragintaseptingen duoquadragintaseptingen tresquadragintaseptingen quattuorquadragintaseptingen quinquaquadragintaseptingen sesquadragintaseptingen septenquadragintaseptingen'
_=_ 'octoquadragintaseptingen novenquadragintaseptingen quinquagintaseptingen unquinquagintaseptingen duoquinquagintaseptingen tresquinquagintaseptingen quattuorquinquagintaseptingen quinquaquinquagintaseptingen sesquinquagintaseptingen'
_=_ 'septenquinquagintaseptingen octoquinquagintaseptingen novenquinquagintaseptingen sexagintaseptingen unsexagintaseptingen duosexagintaseptingen tresexagintaseptingen quattuorsexagintaseptingen quinquasexagintaseptingen sesexagintaseptingen'
_=_ 'septensexagintaseptingen octosexagintaseptingen novensexagintaseptingen septuagintaseptingen unseptuagintaseptingen duoseptuagintaseptingen treseptuagintaseptingen quattuorseptuagintaseptingen quinquaseptuagintaseptingen'
_=_ 'seseptuagintaseptingen septenseptuagintaseptingen octoseptuagintaseptingen novenseptuagintaseptingen octogintaseptingen unoctogintaseptingen duooctogintaseptingen tresoctogintaseptingen quattuoroctogintaseptingen quinquaoctogintaseptingen'
_=_ 'sexoctogintaseptingen septemoctogintaseptingen octooctogintaseptingen novemoctogintaseptingen nonagintaseptingen unnonagintaseptingen duononagintaseptingen trenonagintaseptingen quattuornonagintaseptingen quinquanonagintaseptingen'
_=_ 'senonagintaseptingen septenonagintaseptingen octononagintaseptingen novenonagintaseptingen octingen unoctingen duooctingen tresoctingen quattuoroctingen quinquaoctingen sexoctingen septemoctingen octooctingen novemoctingen decioctingen'
_=_ 'undecioctingen duodecioctingen tredecioctingen quattuordecioctingen quinquadecioctingen sedecioctingen septendecioctingen octodecioctingen novendecioctingen vigintioctingen unvigintioctingen duovigintioctingen tresvigintioctingen'
_=_ 'quattuorvigintioctingen quinquavigintioctingen sesvigintioctingen septemvigintioctingen octovigintioctingen novemvigintioctingen trigintaoctingen untrigintaoctingen duotrigintaoctingen trestrigintaoctingen quattuortrigintaoctingen'
_=_ 'quinquatrigintaoctingen sestrigintaoctingen septentrigintaoctingen octotrigintaoctingen noventrigintaoctingen quadragintaoctingen unquadragintaoctingen duoquadragintaoctingen tresquadragintaoctingen quattuorquadragintaoctingen'
_=_ 'quinquaquadragintaoctingen sesquadragintaoctingen septenquadragintaoctingen octoquadragintaoctingen novenquadragintaoctingen quinquagintaoctingen unquinquagintaoctingen duoquinquagintaoctingen tresquinquagintaoctingen'
_=_ 'quattuorquinquagintaoctingen quinquaquinquagintaoctingen sesquinquagintaoctingen septenquinquagintaoctingen octoquinquagintaoctingen novenquinquagintaoctingen sexagintaoctingen unsexagintaoctingen duosexagintaoctingen tresexagintaoctingen'
_=_ 'quattuorsexagintaoctingen quinquasexagintaoctingen sesexagintaoctingen septensexagintaoctingen octosexagintaoctingen novensexagintaoctingen septuagintaoctingen unseptuagintaoctingen duoseptuagintaoctingen treseptuagintaoctingen'
_=_ 'quattuorseptuagintaoctingen quinquaseptuagintaoctingen seseptuagintaoctingen septenseptuagintaoctingen octoseptuagintaoctingen novenseptuagintaoctingen octogintaoctingen unoctogintaoctingen duooctogintaoctingen tresoctogintaoctingen'
_=_ 'quattuoroctogintaoctingen quinquaoctogintaoctingen sexoctogintaoctingen septemoctogintaoctingen octooctogintaoctingen novemoctogintaoctingen nonagintaoctingen unnonagintaoctingen duononagintaoctingen trenonagintaoctingen'
_=_ 'quattuornonagintaoctingen quinquanonagintaoctingen senonagintaoctingen septenonagintaoctingen octononagintaoctingen novenonagintaoctingen nongen unnongen duonongen trenongen quattuornongen quinquanongen senongen septenongen octonongen'
_=_ 'novenongen decinongen undecinongen duodecinongen tredecinongen quattuordecinongen quinquadecinongen sedecinongen septendecinongen octodecinongen novendecinongen vigintinongen unvigintinongen duovigintinongen tresvigintinongen'
_=_ 'quattuorvigintinongen quinquavigintinongen sesvigintinongen septemvigintinongen octovigintinongen novemvigintinongen trigintanongen untrigintanongen duotrigintanongen trestrigintanongen quattuortrigintanongen quinquatrigintanongen'
_=_ 'sestrigintanongen septentrigintanongen octotrigintanongen noventrigintanongen quadragintanongen unquadragintanongen duoquadragintanongen tresquadragintanongen quattuorquadragintanongen quinquaquadragintanongen sesquadragintanongen'
_=_ 'septenquadragintanongen octoquadragintanongen novenquadragintanongen quinquagintanongen unquinquagintanongen duoquinquagintanongen tresquinquagintanongen quattuorquinquagintanongen quinquaquinquagintanongen sesquinquagintanongen'
_=_ 'septenquinquagintanongen octoquinquagintanongen novenquinquagintanongen sexagintanongen unsexagintanongen duosexagintanongen tresexagintanongen quattuorsexagintanongen quinquasexagintanongen sesexagintanongen septensexagintanongen'
_=_ 'octosexagintanongen novensexagintanongen septuagintanongen unseptuagintanongen duoseptuagintanongen treseptuagintanongen quattuorseptuagintanongen quinquaseptuagintanongen seseptuagintanongen septenseptuagintanongen octoseptuagintanongen'
_=_ 'novenseptuagintanongen octogintanongen unoctogintanongen duooctogintanongen tresoctogintanongen quattuoroctogintanongen quinquaoctogintanongen sexoctogintanongen septemoctogintanongen octooctogintanongen novemoctogintanongen nonagintanonge'
_=_ 'unnonagintanongen duononagintanongen trenonagintanongen quattuornonagintanongen quinquanonagintanongen senonagintanongen septenonagintanongen novenonagintanongen octononagintanongen'
amers= words(_)
do j=1 for amers
a.j= word(_, j)
end /*j*/
maxzlen= amers * 3
if british then do
engs = amers * 2 - 2
maxzlen= engs * 3
do k=1 for 2
b.k= a.k
end /*k*/
do j=3 to amers
_= j * 2 - 3
b._= a.j
_n= _ + 1
b._n= a.j
end /*j*/
drop a.
n= space(n)
_= left(n, 1)
if _=='-' | _=="+" then do /*handle leading sign (+ -). */
if _=='+' then sig= plus
else sig= minus
n= substr(n, 2) /*remove the leading sign. */
numeric digits 80 + maxzlen
zpoints = countstr( . , n); zpoint = zpoints \==0
if zpoints >1 then call er 59, 'decimal-points(.)'
zdollars= countstr('$', n); zdollar= zdollars\==0
if zdollars>1 then call er 59, 'dollar-signs($)'
zeuros = countstr('ε', n); zeuro = zeuros \==0
if zeuros >1 then call er 59, 'euro-signs(ε)'
zfrancs = countstr('ƒ', n); zfranc = zfrancs \==0
if zfrancs >1 then call er 59, 'franc-signs(ƒ)'
zpounds = countstr('£', n); zpound = zpounds \==0
if zpounds >1 then call er 59, 'pound-signs(£)'
zyens = countstr('¥', n); zyen = zyens \==0
if zyens >1 then call er 59, 'yen-signs(¥)'
zpisetas= countstr('₧', n); zpiseta= zpisetas\==0
if zpisetas>1 then call er 59, 'piseta-signs(₧)'
zcents = countstr('¢', n); zcent = zcents \==0
if zcents >1 then call er 59, 'cent-signs(¢)'
zcurrs = zdollars + zeuros + zpounds + zyens + zpisetas + zfrancs + zcents
zcurr = zcurrs \== 0
if zcurrs>2 then call er 59, 'currency symbols'
if zdollar then do; xcurr= dollar; n= changestr("$", n, ''); end
if zeuro then do; xcurr= euro; n= changestr("ε", n, ''); end
if zpound then do; xcurr= pound; n= changestr("£", n, ''); end
if zyen then do; xcurr= yen; n= changestr("¥", n, ''); end
if zpiseta then do; xcurr= piseta; n= changestr("₧", n, ''); end
if zfranc then do; xcurr= franc; n= changestr("ƒ", n, ''); end
if zcent then do; xcurr= cent; n= changestr("¢", n, ''); end
if zpoint then dot= point /*the number has a decimal point. */
_= right(n, 1) /*pick off right─most character of num.*/
if ismix(_) | _=='!' then n= num(n) /*if number has a suffix, convert it. */
parse upper var n n 'E' exponent /*parse the exponent, if present. */
parse var n n '.' fraction
leadzs= compare(n, copies(0, digits()) ) - 1 /*count the leading zeroes in number. */
n= changestr(',', n, "") /*change commas to nulls (delete 'em).*/
if isnum(n) then do /*this DO structure must be presered···*/
if \asis then n= n / 1
end /*elsewise the THEN/ELSEs aren't paired.*/
else do 1
if n=='' then leave /*this LEAVE is why there is a DO 1 */
expression= n
interpret 'number='expression
n= number % 1 /*reduce NUMBER to an integer. */
end /*1*/ /* [↑] same as TRUNC(number) */
if xcurr\=='' & xcurr\==zyen & n\==1 then xcurr= xcurr's' /*need to ba plural? */
max#= 10**maxzlen * 1000 - 1
if \asis & isnum(n) then n= n / 1 /*normalize integer. */
if n\=='' & isnum(n) then if n>max# then call er 81, -max# max# ogn /*in range ? */
if n\=='' & \isint(n) then call er 53, n /*numeric ? */
if abs(n)>max# then call er 81, -max# max# ogn /*in range ? */
if leading\=='' then leadingz= copies(leading' ',leadzs)
if asayear & right(n, 3)\==000 then do
#= spnte( left(n, max(0, length(n) - 2) ) )
if #==zero then #=
_2= right(n, 2)
_= spnte(_2)
if _==zero then _= "hundred"
if _2<10 & _2>0 then _= zero _
#= sig || # _
else #= sig || leadingz || spnte(n)
if ordinal then do
w= words(#)
p= word(#, w)
oldp= p
if pos('-', p)\==0 then parse var p pp "-" p
if pp\=='' then pp= pp"-"
select /* [↓] adjust some words.*/
when p=='one' then p= "first"
when p=='two' then p= "second"
when p=='three' then p= "third"
when p=='five' then p= "fifth"
when p=='eight' then p= "eighth"
when p=='nine' then p= "ninth"
when p=='twelve' then p= "twelfth"
when right(p, 1)=='y' then p= left(p, length(p) - 1)"ieth"
otherwise sx= 'th'
end /*select*/
if p\==oldp then if w==1 then #= pp || p
else #= subword(#, 1, w-1) pp || p
#= # || sx
Lf= length(fraction)
if zdollar & (Lf==1 | Lf==2) then do
if fraction\=1 then cent= cent's'
fractions= sp(fraction) cent
dot= xcurr andcent
else do j=1 for Lf
_= substr(fraction, j, 1)
fractions= fractions dig._
end /*j*/
if exponent\=='' then do
if \isint(exponent) then call er 53, exponent 'exponent'
_= sp(exponent "ORDINAL")
if _\=='' then exponents= raised _ power
after= space(dot fractions exponents xcurr)
if after\=='' then after= " "after
#= translate(# || after, , "_")
if blanks\=='' then #= translate(#, blanks, " ")
if \quiet then call $t tops #
return #
spnte: parse arg zz
if zz==0 | zz=' ' then return nothing
bzz= reverse(zz)
has_t= 22
if british then has_t= 41
if single then do j=1 for length(zz)
_= substr(zz, j, 1)
en= en dig._
end /*j*/
else do j=1 to maxzlen by 3
_= (j+2) % 3
if american then zillion= a._
else zillion= b._
if zillion==0 then zillion=
if _>=has_t then zillion= zillion't'
if _>2 then if american then zillion= zillion'illion'
else if _//2 then zillion= zillion'illion'
else zillion= zillion'illiard'
ttt= reverse( substr(bzz, j, 3) )
if ttt==' ' then leave
ttt= right( strip(ttt), 3, 0)
if ttt== 000 then iterate
x= sphtu(ttt) zillion
if en\=='' then en= sep || en
en=x en
end /*j*/
en= strip( translate(en, , "_") )
if en=='' then if zcurr then do /*this DO structure must be intact.*/
if \zcent then en= " no"
end /*don't simplify this DO~IF~END group*/
else en=zero
return en
sphtu: procedure; parse arg z /*SPell Hundred Tens Units. */
@987= 'nine eight seven six five four three two one'
zm= substr(z, 2, 1)
zr= right(z, 1)
zh= word(@987, 10 - left(z, 1))
if zh\=='' then zh= zh "hundred"
zt= word('ninety eighty seventy sixty fifty forty thirty twenty', 10 - zm)
zu= word(@987, 10 - zr)
@teens= 'ten eleven twelve thir four fif six seven eigh nine'
if zm==1 then do
zt= word(@teens, zr + 1)
if zr>2 then zt= zt'teen'
if zt\=='' & zu\=="" then do
zt= zt'-'zu
return space(zh zt zu)
/*═════════════════════════════general 1─line subs══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════*/
!all:  !!=!;!=space(!);upper !;call !fid;!nt=right(!var('OS'),2)=='NT';!cls=word('CLS VMFCLEAR CLRSCREEN',1+!cms+!tso*2);if arg(1)\==1 then return 0;if wordpos(!,'? ?SAMPLES ?AUTHOR ?FLOW')==0 then return 0;!call=']$H';call '$H' !fn !;!call=;return 1
!cal: if symbol('!CALL')\=="VAR" then !call=; return !call
!env:  !env='ENVIRONMENT'; if !sys=="MSDOS" | !brexx | !r4 | !roo then !env='SYSTEM'; if !os2 then !env="OS"!env;  !ebcdic=6=='f6'x; if !crx then !env="DOS"; return
!fid: parse upper source !sys !fun !fid . 1 . . !fn !ft !fm .; call !sys; if !dos then do; _=lastpos('\', !fn);  !fm=left(!fn, _); !fn=substr(!fn, _+1); parse var !fn !fn "." !ft; end; return word(0  !fn  !ft  !fm, 1 + ("0"arg(1) ) )
!rex: parse upper version !ver !vernum !verdate .; !brexx='BY'==!vernum; !kexx="KEXX"==!ver; !pcrexx='REXX/PERSONAL'==!ver | "REXX/PC"==!ver; !r4='REXX-R4'==!ver; !regina="REXX-REGINA"==left(!ver, 11);  !roo='REXX-ROO'==!ver; call !env; return
!sys:  !cms=!sys=='CMS';  !os2=!sys=="OS2";  !tso=!sys=='TSO' | !sys=="MVS";  !vse=!sys=='VSE';  !dos=pos("DOS", !sys)\==0 | pos('WIN', !sys)\==0 | !sys=="CMD";  !crx=left(!sys, 6)=='DOSCRX'; call !rex; return
!var: call !fid; if !kexx then return space(dosenv(arg(1))); return space(value(arg(1),,!env))
$fact!: procedure; parse arg x _ .; L=length(x); n=L - length( strip(x, 'T', "!")); if n<=-n | _\=='' | arg()\==1 then return x; z=left(x, L-n); if z<0 | \isint(z) then return x; return $fact(z, n)
$fact: procedure; parse arg x _ .; arg ,n ! .; n=p(n 1); if \isint(n) then n=0; if x<-n | \isint(x) | n<1 | _ || !\=='' | arg()>2 then return x || copies("!", max(1, n)); !=1; s=x//n; if s==0 then s=n; do j=s to x by n; !=!*j; end; return !
$sfxa: parse arg ,s,m; arg u,c; if pos( left(s, 2), u)\==0 then do j=length(s) to compare(s,c) -1 by -1; if right(u, j)\==left(c, j) then iterate; _=left(u, length(u) - j); if isnum(_) then return m*_; leave; end; return arg(1)
$sfxf: parse arg y; if right(y, 1)=='!' then y=$fact!(y); if \isnum(y) then y=$sfxz(); if isnum(y) then return y; return $sfxm(y)
$sfxm: parse arg z; arg w; b=1000; if right(w,1)=='I' then do; z=shorten(z); w=z; upper w; b=1024; end; p=pos(right(w,1),'KMGTPEZYXWVU'); if p==0 then return arg(1); n=shorten(z); r=num(n,f,1); if isnum(r) then return r*b**p; return arg(1)
$sfxz: return $sfxa($sfxa($sfxa($sfxa($sfxa($sfxa(y,'PAIRs',2),'DOZens',12),'SCore',20),'GREATGRoss',1728),'GRoss',144),'GOOGOLs',1e100)
$t:  !call=']$T'; call "$T" arg(1);  !call=; return
abb: arg abbu; parse arg abb; return abbrev(abbu, _, abbl(abb) )
abbl: return verify(arg(1)'a',@abc,'M')-1
abbn: parse arg abbn; return abb(abbn) | abb('NO'abbn)
countstr: procedure; parse arg n,h,s; if s=='' then s= 1; w= length(n); do r=0 until _==0; _=pos(n, h, s); s= _ + w; end; return r
er: parse arg _1,_2; call '$ERR' "14"p(_1) p(word(_1,2) !fid(1)) _2; if _1<0 then return _1; exit result
err: call er "-"arg(1), arg(2); return ''
erx: call er "-"arg(1), arg(2); exit ''
getdtfid: tfid= p( !var("TMP") !var('TEMP') homeDrive()"\"); if substr(tfid, 2, 1)==':' & substr(tfid, 3, 1)\=="\" then tfid= insert('\', t, 2); return strip( tfid, "T", '\')"\"arg(1)'.'arg(2)
getTFID: if symbol('TFID')=='LIT' then tfid=; if tfid\=='' then return tfid; gfn=word(arg(1) !fn,1); gft=word(arg(2) 'ANS',1);tfid='TEMP'; if !tso then tfid=gfn'.'gft; if !cms then tfid=gfn','gft",A4";if !dos then tfid=getdTFID(gfn,gft);return tfid
halt: call er .1
homeDrive: if symbol('HOMEDRIVE')\=="VAR" then homeDrive=p( !var('HOMEDRIVE') 'C:'); return homedrive
int: int=num( arg(1), arg(2) ); if \isint(int) then call er 92, arg(1) arg(2); return int/1
ishex: return datatype( arg(1), 'X')
isint: return datatype( arg(1), 'W')
ismix: return datatype( arg(1), 'M')
isnum: return datatype( arg(1), 'N')
na: if arg(1)\=='' then call er 01, arg(2); parse var ops na ops; if na=='' then call er 35, _o; return na
nai: return int(na(), _o)
nan: return num(na(), _o)
no: if arg(1)\=='' then call er 01,arg(2); return left(_, 2)\=='NO'
noValue:  !sigl=sigl; call er 17, !fid(2)  !fid(3)  !sigl condition('D') sourceline(!sigl)
num: procedure; parse arg x .,f,q; if x=='' then return x; if isnum(x) then return x/1; x=space( translate(x,,','),0); if \isnum(x) then x=$sfxf(x); if isnum(x) then return x/1;if q==1 then return x; if q=='' then call er 53,x f;call erx 53,x f
p: return word( arg(1), 1)
shorten: procedure; parse arg a,n; return left(a, max(0, length(a) - p(n 1)))
sp:  !call= ']'!fn; sp="$SPELL#"(arg(1) 'Q');  !call=; return sp
syntax:  !sigl= sigl; call er 13, !fid(2) !fid(3) !sigl !cal() condition('D') sourceline(!sigl)

Note:   The subroutines and functions in the     ══general 1-line subs══     section were kept to one line, elsewise, the program would be exceedingly long.   These functions and subroutines were meant to be brief and not clutter up the main program.