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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Smalltalk for fun - average
Forth for fun - novice
Self for fun - beginner
Lua regularly - expert
UNIX Shell (rcsh) regularly - advanced
Go occasionaly - novice
AWK regularly - average
dc regularly - advanced
Sed regularly - average
Oz for fun - beginner
Z80 Assembly long ago - average
Rexx for fun - beginner
Tcl for fun - average
PlainTeX for fun - advanced
Haskell not recently - novice
N/t/roff rarely - beginner
Prolog long ago - beginner
C++ long ago - average
Python rarely - beginner
Scheme long ago - novice
Common Lisp long ago - novice
Java occasionaly - novice
PL/pgSQL regularly - average
C occasionaly - expert
Sinclair ZX81 BASIC long ago - average
68000 Assembly long ago - average
Fortran long ago - novice
SQL regularly - average
PHP regularly - average
Visual Basic long ago - novice
JavaScript rarely - beginner
Emacs Lisp long time ago - beginner
Perl rarely - novice
M4 rarely - average
mk regularly - average
Make rarely - novice
Gnuplot occasionaly - beginner
Pascal long time ago - beginner
Kamailio Script occasionaly - novice