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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
C Okay
Ruby Okay
Smalltalk n00b
Java rusty
Haskell rusty


My name is Johnny, I'm a mathematics student from Scotland.

For some reason, I tend to write really strange programs. You can download some of them from my homepage.

These include:

  • A brainfuck interpreter that runs inside the Haskell type system.
  • A multiplayer deathmatch game written with ncurses in Haskell.
  • An esoteric programming language based on Kolmogorov's graph based model of computation.
  • A couple of half finished compilers. I swear I'll finish them some day!

I have some other programs at my github account. These include:

  • CARPS, a work in progress system for automating play by email RPGS. It's text only at the moment, it is functional, but probably only of interest to developers who like RPGs. It is written in Ruby.

I also maintain a couple of Haskell libraries, by due to being busy (and a little lazy) I don't maintain them as well as I should. These are:

I'm quite a social creature. So if you find yourself reading this and think either "He sounds like a spiffing sort of person", or "You're doing it wrong! Allow me to shout information at you!" then do not hesitate but write on my talk page.

Why are you here, spoon?![edit]

CARPS, at ~10ksloc and ~100 classes, is the largest program I've written - in my few years experience.

I'm here because it starting really kicking my arse - even just organizing my plans for what changes I need to make and where is becoming difficult!

I want to do a bunch of these tasks, so I can learn more and expand my mind. Maybe in a couple of months I might be able to go back and look at it with the eyes of a better programmer! Even if I don't, perhaps I can go back to it without wanting to MURDER EVERYONE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.