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From Rosetta Code

Github: https://github.com/soniakeys

"A tiny bit" means I've written at least a few programs in it. Written meaning actually solved some problems, not just punch and runs. But possibly still fairly small programs, or possibly a long time ago.

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Ada A tiny bit
APL A tiny bit
Assembly A tiny bit
Batch File Rusty
C Intermediate
C++ Intermediate
COBOL A tiny bit
DCL A tiny bit
Eiffel A tiny bit
Fortran Beginner
Go Intermediate
Haskell A tiny bit
HyperTalk A tiny bit
Lisp Rusty
Logo A tiny bit
Make Beginner
Pascal A tiny bit
PL/I Rusty
Prolog A tiny bit
Python Beginner
REXX Rusty
SNOBOL4 A tiny bit
UNIX Shell Beginner