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Languages I use
Language Proficiency
Java Advanced
C Intermediate
C++ Intermediate
Ruby Intermediate
Assembly Beginner
Perl Beginner
SQL Beginner


Hi, I am this guys girlfriend. I'm a 4th year software engineering student at RIT because it seemed like a good idea at the time. I'm working at Cisco for the summer in Boxborough, MA. They let me write scripts and I'm told someday I will test. Testing is my favorite part. I like shopping, starbucks, pink stuff, football, hockey, tacos, weddings, music I can sing along to, disney world, and of course Mike.


So, I didn't really know what programming was when I signed up for it in college. But it kind of worked out for me anyway. They taught me Java and then a little bit of C++ that I might remember someday and a bunch of classes in plain old C. Then I had a class in Assembly and ended up learning a bunch of Ruby at school. I learned SQL and Perl while on co-ops. I think Perl is the funnest.


My blog: it's mostly silly surveys.