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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
smart BASIC My favorite.
FUZE BASIC Preferably for RasPi projects. [Intermediate]
BASIC Of course.
Visual Basic Begrudgingly.
C++ Only once, but I didn't inhale.
Perl When I have to.
PHP Only if cut & paste counts.
UNIX Shell Sure, I've 'bash'ed my head against that.
C Once, okay maybe twice...see C++ above.
Java NOPE!
JavaScript When I just have to.
SQL I experimented in college. Didn't we all?
Visual Basic .NET Not if it was welded to my chest!
HTML Technically not a language, but I'm padding my resume here.


Not a programmer really. I get by.
I prefer to program in English through technical and fiction writing.
It's much easier to change the code on the fly...
He looked into her pale blue eyes...deep green eyes...and said, "Your...You're a lot better looking with makeup. Ask your sister for help, because your mother is, fugly...a friggin' train wreck....ummm..."
Syntax is fluid, but endline punctuation is a must!  :@)