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Highly experienced software developer with over 20 years of work to show for. Developer of award-winning web sites and software applications.




low level
Language Proficiency
1680 Assembly Very Rusty
65C02 Assembly Very Rusty
68000 Assembly Very Rusty
80x86 Assembly Good
DC333 Assembly Very rusty
PowerPC Assembly Good
Z80 Assembly Very Rusty
medium level
Language Proficiency
Ada Good
Agena Good
Bash scripting Good
Biferno Expert
C Expert
C++ Expert
C sharp Beginning
Cobol Very Rusty
D Beginning
Delphi Rusty
Erlang Beginning
F-Script Good
ForTran Rusty
FoxPro Script Rusty
Java Expert
JavaScript Expert
LISP Rusty
LUA Good
Objective-C Expert
Pascal Rusty
Perl Expert
PHP Expert
Scheme Rusty
high level
Language Proficiency
AppleScript Expert
HyperCard Expert
MetaCard Expert
OMO MediaTalk Rusty
RealBasic Expert
RevTalk Expert
SenseTalk Expert
SuperTalk Expert
TranScript Expert
ToolBook Good
UML Expert
Visual Basic Rusty
XUL Expert
Languages I would struggle with
Languages Reasons
Brainfuck never touched it
CLR byte code "Why bother ?"
Devil-PERL UhOh!