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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
8086 Assembly used to be fluent
AWK Breathing it
BASIC used to be advanced
Batch File former master
Bc advanced
Befunge intermediate
Brainf*** intermediate
C Good enough
Clipper used to be advanced
Dc advanced
Emacs Lisp user level
Euphoria used to be semi-fluent
FALSE used to be intermediate
Forth intermediate
Fortran intermediate
Gnuplot intermediate
Go beginner
HTML advanced
Icon intermediate
JavaFX Script beginner
Java Good enough
JavaScript Conversational
JSON intermediate
Korn Shell advanced
LaTeX basic
Lisp basic
Logo used it, didn't like it
Lua beginner
M4 used to be advanced
Make intermediate
Pascal used it
Perl quite advanced
PHP advanced
PowerBASIC intermediate
PowerShell beginner
Python beginner
REBOL intermediate
REXX learned it
Ruby learned it
Scheme intermediate
Sed advanced
SNOBOL4 Conversational: few words, simple sentences ;-)
SQL advanced
Tcl Good enough to brag
TI-89 BASIC intermediate
Tr advanced
Unicon eternal beginner
UnixPipes advanced
UNIX Shell advanced
XQuery intermediate
XSLT intermediate

Under construction