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User:Realazthat/Projects wishlist

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Projects to-do[edit]

  • LLVM related
  • NP/NP processor
    Physics based solution to NP-complete problems:
    • A light based travelling salesman solution
      Would require a light source that gives off an exponential amount of (recoverable energy) light in a naive implementation
    • Found a paper from 3 years ago that describes such a machine: [1]
  • Image Feature database
  • OCR
  • Open Photosynth
  • Nym Email
  • Something like KLEE, but bottom up approach
  • Pluggable flash worm (DHT)
  • Uplink-style Tor application
  • SVG font for Ezra
    • Publish the XSLT conversion transform
  • HLML
  • MathML2X
  • Fully cross platform/language/architecture utility library
    • Possibly using the language above
  • Formal methods
  • LLVM/Formal methods
    • Proving properties
    • Use LLVM, small library of annotation functions, and a theorem prover
    • Properties:
      • Calculus/Discrete math documentation verification
      • Ranges of input that causes overflows (and should be documented)
      • Ranges of input that cause exceptions (and should be documented)
      • Complexity (best, average, worst) of an algorithm
      • Reduction of turing-ness if possible
      • Inverse of functions
      • Transformation of function to set of equivalent functions
      • Side effect free functions
      • Pure functions
      • Reentrant functions
      • No deadlocks etc.
      • No "undefined" behavior
      • Memory leaks
  • Parser in haxe
  • Secure obfuscation
  • Reprap replication design wiki
    • Design of each part, and flowchart of how to construct that part, all the way to the source
  • Two way xsl transforms
  • EBNF transforms?
  • Fully portable package manager
    • From source, targeting the following platforms:
      • GCC
        • Clang(ABI compatible)
        • LLVM(ABI compatible)
        • LLVM(IR)
        • MingGW(Native on windows)
        • Linux (native on linux)
        • Cygwin
      • Visual C++
      • Others by dependency
      • Others by installation
      • Precompiled binaries
      • P2P over DHT
      • Import from ports, portage
      • Mainly commandline
        • Compatible with ports, portage, apt
      • Simple GUI
  • C++ stacktrace for exceptions
  • Real life aimbot: http://www.newlaunches.com/archives/samsung_develops_machine_gun_sentry_robot_costs_200k.php

Other stuff[edit]

  • Screen casting tutorials
  • Gif animations from video
  • University accredited self-taught classes; classes are taught by previous generation of classes
  • Sales 3D printed models
  • Self service online printing
  • iSpy
  • "It is an open empirical question whether there are actual deterministic physical processes that, in the long run, elude simulation by a Turing machine. It's also an open question whether any such process could usefully be harnessed in the form of a calculating machine (a hypercomputer) that could solve the halting problem for a Turing machine amongst other things. It is also an open empirical question whether any such physical processes are involved in the working of the human brain, thus whether humans can solve the halting problem.(B. Jack Copeland, Computation in Luciano Floridi (ed.), The Blackwell guide to the philosophy of computing and information, Wiley-Blackwell, 2004, ISBN 0631229191, p. 15)" -- wp:Halting_problem#Importance_and_consequences
  • NP related
  • Version control for development: auto commit after each file save for automatically tracking progress
  • Pseudonym hunt
  • HTTP compression for GET requests, particularly for curl.
  • wp:Robocode
    • Good idea for weapons effectiveness in a multi-player game; allow the player to script the strategy
  • Debate wiki, discusses current politics, sort of like a state machine with each transition being a response to the argument at the previous state.


  • OpenID and Federated Login
  • Klee/Formal Methods/seL4
  • Post-quantum cryptography
  • Don't underestimate "hackers"; a university degree is not necessary nor greatly beneficial
  • Curious Yellow/Warhol/Flash