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From Rosetta Code

Once upon a time, I worked with directly with assembly and even machine language (mostly 6502, some pdp-11). That feels like a very long time ago. Nowadays I guess I have to occasionally work with the stuff, but I doubt I will ever fully comprehend the intel architecture(s).

Currently, on Rosetta Code, most (but not all) of my contributions focus on J.

The block indicating my various language uses is incomplete and perhaps misleading (expertise is context specific - and knowing how to use a language for one purpose does not necessarily include significant expertise for a different kind of use of the language).

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
C sharp Inactive
J Active
JavaScript Active
Perl Active
SQL Active
UNIX Shell Active
APL Rusty (ex-expert)
C Semi-active (ex-expert)
Java Rusty (ex-expert)
Emacs Lisp Rusty (ex-expert)
Make Rusty (ex-expert)
AWK Rusty
Tcl Rusty
Icon Very Rusty (ex-expert)
Forth Very Rusty
Lua Very Rusty
Pike Very Rusty
REXX Very Rusty
Python so so..
Ruby so so..
Haskell inadequate