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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
360 Assembly Average
6502 Assembly Very Rusty
80386 Assembly Expert
8080 Assembly Rusty
8086 Assembly Expert
ALGOL 60 Rusty
ALGOL 68 Very Rusty
Assembly Expert
AWK Can get by
BASIC Average
Batch File Average
BCPL Expert
C Expert
C Shell Expert
COBOL Very Rusty
BCPL Expert
DCL Average
Fortran Average
GW-BASIC Average
Haskell Novice
ICL 2900 Assembly Expert
IMP80 Expert
Java Novice
JCL Rusty
Lisp Very Rusty
M4 Novice
Make Average
ML/I Expert
Pascal Average
PDP-11 Assembly Expert
Pentium Assembly Expert
PHP Novice
REXX Expert
Sed Average
SNOBOL4 Very Rusty
Teco Fairly Expert
UNIX Shell Fairly Expert
VAX Assembly Expert
X86 Assembly Expert
Z80 Assembly Expert

My name is Bob Eager. I taught Computer Science at the University of Kent, United Kingdom for nearly 40 years. I still teach part time.

I have been programming since 1970, in languages too numerous to mention (but I have tried to include most of them in this list)!

Most are fairly 'standard', but I am definitely one of the (very few) people who can actually use ML/I. There aren't that many IMP80 users, either.