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From Rosetta Code

I started programming in 1970 with ALGOL60 in Göttingen on an IBM 7040 and have since then use many programming languages.

I use to say: Writing good programs is possible in any language; in some, it is easier. Writing bad ones likewise.

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
AWK Experienced
Bourne Shell Experienced
C Experienced
Python Good
x86 Assembly Good
C++ Rusty
Fortran Rusty
JCL Rusty
ALGOL 60 Rusty
Delphi Rusty
Forth Rusty

Languages I like or use often[edit]

  • C : Advanced assembler, but much to verbose if used properly
  • awk : Versatile for many small problems
  • Python : Best behind the language that I designed myself
  • UNIX Shell : Mostly Bourne shell (and successors), has its quirks

Languages I have used extensively in former days[edit]

  • C++ : Has its use fields, but rather complicated and verbose if not used daily
  • FORTRAN IV : First language I used extensively from 1970 on
  • ALGOL 60 : My first one
  • 360 Assembly : Good with macros; a bit tricky sometimes
  • Pascal : Broadly available, not so tricky
  • Java : Best availability and rather secure, but a bit laborious for small tasks
  • Prolog : Could not exploit its promises to me
  • COBOL : Verbose, but very good for commercial programming
  • Forth : Terse and efficient, but it is hard to understand programs after years

Languages I try to avoid[edit]

  • Perl : Much to tricky
  • APL : Only if daily used