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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
6502 Assembly Programmed in it
ALGOL 60 Know it
ALGOL 68 My favourite
AWK Know it
Basic Plus Expert
BCPL Reading only
C Expert
C++ Expert
COBOL Programmed it
Emacs Lisp Know it
Fortran Know it
Integer BASIC Programmed in it
Lisp Know it
Perl Forgotten it
Pascal Expert
PDP-11 Assembly Expert
PL/I Programmed it
PostScript Programmed in it
Python Programmed in it
SNOBOL4 Know it
Teco Once ago expert
UNIX Shell Expert
Visual Basic Programmed in it
X86 Assembly Know it
XBase Programmed in it
Z80 Assembly Programmed in it

I have been programming since 1975 in more languages and computers than I can remember. I tend towards 'system' type programming, libraries, compilers, operating systems, also hardware near.

ALGOL68 Contributions[edit]

* Averages/Median
* Base64 encode data
* Compare a list of strings
* Count in factors
* CRC-32
* CSV data manipulation
* MD5
* Rank languages by popularity using API
* Sorting_Algorithms/Pancake_sort
* Stack using FLEX array