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From Rosetta Code

Programming languages can be fun to learn, very much like learning a human language. Once you know one language of either, learning another one is just learning new ways to express the same things. Or that's one way to look at it. In fact, learning a new language can be more than just a brain exercise to ward off dementia. You get exposed to new ideas. and to new people who think differently and come from different backgrounds. Here's a listing of some of the languages I know, and have contributed to here on Rosetta Code. No favorites, since each one has given me a lot.

- Troy Korjuslommi

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Ada Live and kicking butt
AppleScript Fun as heck
ARM Assembly Arm under the hood
C Can't be beat
C++/CLI Yeah
C++ Gets work done
Java Gotta know this
Objective-C Still a need to know
Perl Lot of history but archived now
PostScript Fundamental CS
Python Useful now