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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Perl Advanced
C Formerly dayjob
C++ Former instructor
Java theoretical only
Perl 6 Just learning to give demo
PHP cut n paste
JavaScript cut n paste
UNIX Shell gray beard
AWK rusty gray beard
VBA sporadic
APL rusty internship 30yrs ago
J rusty
Forth rusty 30yrs ago
SQL generic core - I still spell it Sequel
Fortran rusty ... was day job once
PL/I rusty ... was day job once
Lisp note I don't specify variety.
Prolog was pretty good once
COBOL minimalist

This is a time sink I need to be wary of, I'm naturally polyglot. Once hung SIOD off a C++ app as macro language. Near as I can tell, Snobol/icon are the only 'write only languages' I haven't coded in. And let's not mention DEC FOCAL. As to COBOL, I corrected two GF's survery-of-languages homework using 1401 manual and cargo culted two lines for pay 30 yrs ago on a DEC10. Day job has some but I don't touch it.

I am hoping Perl 6 will let me combine my favorite aspects of Prolog, APL/J, with the Lisp/AWK fusion that is enlightened Perl 5 .