I'm working on modernizing Rosetta Code's infrastructure. Starting with communications. Please accept this time-limited open invite to RC's Slack.. --Michael Mol (talk) 20:59, 30 May 2020 (UTC)


From Rosetta Code
Language Proficiency
C Advanced
C++ Advanced
OCaml Advanced
Prolog Intermediate
Python Beginner
Java Beginner
Standard ML Advanced
Scheme Advanced
PHP Advanced
Common Lisp Advanced
Intermediate Beginner
JavaScript Intermediate
BASIC Its been a while
HTML I have a job with this
ASP Beginner



I am a Computer Science student at California State University of Fresno. Give me an email at Michael Chrisco if you want to contact me.

You can also look to https://github.com/michaelachrisco for my github account.

Or to http://diasporatest.com for information on diaspora.

Will be graduating in Fall 2013.