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My Languages
Language Proficiency
8086 Assembly Rusty (was Expert)
80386 Assembly Rusty (was Advanced)
Assembly Rusty (was Advanced)
AWK Intermediate
BASIC Rusty (was Expert)
Batch File Rusty (was Expert)
BBC BASIC Rusty (was Intermediate)
Bc Beginner
Blast Rusty (was Intermediate)
Bourne Shell Intermediate
Brlcad Beginner
C Beginner
C++ Beginner
Ed Beginner
Euphoria Beginner
Gambas Beginner
GUISS Author
HTML Beginner
JavaScript Beginner
Lilypond Absolute Beginner
Locomotive Basic Rusty (was Intermediate)
Lotus 123 Macro Scripting Forgotten (was Expert)
Lua Beginner
MIRC Scripting Language Forgotten (was Intermediate)
MBS Absolute Beginner
OOCalc Beginner
Openscad Beginner
Perl Beginner
Progress Rusty (worked alongside people using it)
Quick Basic Rusty (was Expert)
REXX Intermediate
Ruby Beginner
Sed Beginner
SQL Beginner
Tcl Forgotten (was Beginner)
TPP Beginner
UNIX Shell Intermediate
VB4 Inactive(was Intermediate)
VB5 Inactive (was Intermediate)
Visual Basic Rusty (was Intermediate)
Z80 Assembly Rusty (was Expert)
ZX81 Basic Inactive (was Advanced)
ZX Spectrum Basic Rusty (was Expert)
Languages I do not want to use
Languages Reasons
Brainfuck This language is just nasty
Java Compromises security by interfacing with the internet browser and I don't like squiggly braces everywhere
Visual Basic .NET Not open source and I prefer the older Visual Basic syntax