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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
VB6 Beginner
VBScript Novice
ASP Novice
ASP.Net Intermediate
C sharp Intermediate
Visual Basic .NET Novice
MSSQL Intermediate
MySQL Intermediate
HTML Intermediate
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My name is Michael Bisbjerg. I heard of this site through a friend of mine, so I quickly added a user and made an example for the C# version of Parametrized SQL statement. This was one example I felt I was quite good at, due to past usage. :)

I myself am a spare-time programmer, using my time mainly with Microsoft software but also with some free alternatives such as MySQL and shortly Python in my school. I hope my interest for this site won't die, so I'll try to stay active. :P



I'll note some languages here I didn't write in my language bar, due to me forgetting it totally. I would act as if I've never seen the language before, if I was asked to write in it again. :P


Yes. The commandline thing from DOS. :P My first language ever, taught to me by my Grandfather. Fancy language, played with it a little and made a commandline calculator (press 1 for addition, 2 for subtraction etc.. Enter A, enter B.. kinda style) - until I was asked to make an application to calculate the optimal number of steel cylinders that could be placed in one box. My father was rather... Unhelpful :P.


My first visual language. Made an application I actually sold later on, in this language. Did a whole lot of database communication with MySQL. Unhandy for beginners :P


Mostly from my time with classic ASP. Did a lot of sites in this language, together with the MySQL communication.


See above. Although it was my favourite 'language' after VB6. Was practically the thing I migrated to.

Visual Basic .NET[edit]

Moved from the ASP-languages to this, nice and simple language. All my ASP.Net things were done in this language, after I managed to control it in the desktop world.

The application I sold in VB6, was rewritten here. I then supplied the updated version (rewritten and improved) free of charge.. I'm a nice guy :).


Damn, a change from ASP. I made the move around .Net 2.0, couldn't stand it in 1.0.. Just didn't make sense.

C sharp[edit]

My primary language now. Practically everything is done in here, also in ASP.Net.


Not a language. Nice to know though. :P

SQL Languages[edit]

I wouldn't put these languaes under programming. Even though stored procedures and such are possible, it's just not the same. Also, I'm not a fan of commandline but more of GUI tools like SQLYog and SSMS.


My first database system. I learnt everything about tables and such in here. Knowledge that I found very useful, and that I could use later one when moving to MSSQL.


Main database system now. Very good for larger projects due to the amount of choices within relational data and data management.