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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Run BASIC Advanced
Liberty Basic Intermediate
PHP Advanced
Rebol Intermediate
JavaScript Intermediate
PL/I Intermediate
Python Intermediate
SQL Expert
C Intermediate
BBC Basic Intermediate
Fortran Been A while

I'm Dan Kokenge. I retired too many years ago, but like most of us I still do this for fun. I started in the business using punched cards. Been in the business a long time and probably did everything at least once or twice. I like the power and simplicity of Run BASIC. Especially the web interface and the fact that it keeps trakc of all your variables in this stateless environment. Throughout the years I've learned and forgotton a lot of languages. Some that don't even exist anymore. At least we have languages now, we used to have to write everything in assembler.

Right now I try to travel and see the world and have entirely too much fun. But I love the challenge and solving systems problems. My current project is a Winery Management System that keeps me busy and out of trouble.

Rosetta Code Projects[edit]

  1. I try to help out writing a few Run BASIC programs
    1. I try to make Run BASIC present in as may tasks as possible.