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From Rosetta Code
Languages I use
Language Proficiency
C++ Advanced
C Advanced
Java Proficient
Pascal Proficient
BASIC Proficient
Visual Basic Proficient
JavaScript Proficient
HTML Proficient
XHTML Proficient
XML Proficient
CSS Proficient
PHP Proficient
Resource Script Intermediate
ASM x86 Beginner
C sharp Beginner
Objective-C Beginner
MySQL Beginner
Go Beginner
D Beginner
Delphi Beginner
Languages I don't want to use
Languages Reasons
Brainf*** Not very practical
Whitespace Not very practical
Visual FoxPro ---

About Me[edit]

My name is Jez (Jeremy) Love, I am a software engineer and hobbyist programmer. I am enamored with the Rosetta Code and it's intentions.

Programming Languages[edit]

I am primarily a C++ programmer, I use it for all of my projects because 'things just make sense to me'. I enjoy tinkering around with other languages and I always enjoy seeing a different approach to my own. For web stuff I use a lot of PHP, JavaScript, XHTML and CSS.

Programming Style[edit]


Frequent use:

  • Windows (I've been a Windows user from Windows 3.1 on up to Windows 7)
  • iOS (iPhone 3S, 4S, 5S, iPad 4)
  • Chrome OS

Occasional use:

  • FreeDOS
  • Ubuntu Linux