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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Forth Advanced
C Advanced
C++ Advanced
Java Advanced
SNUSP Super Genius
JavaScript Intermediate
Logo Intermediate
Objective-C Intermediate
Pascal Intermediate
Python Intermediate
XSLT Intermediate
FALSE Intermediate
Befunge Intermediate
BASIC Intermediate
8086 Assembly Intermediate
Factor Beginner
Haskell Beginner
Io Beginner
Lisp Beginner
Modula-2 Beginner
PicoLisp Beginner
Smalltalk Beginner
SQL Beginner
UNIX Shell Beginner

I'm a programming chrestomathy junkie. I have contributed to Rosetta Code, Literate Programs, the Computer Language Shootout, Wikipedia, and Ward's wiki.

I am especially interested in Forth, and have implemented the Forth solutions to many of the tasks here and on similar sites. I've written Forth chess and Go programs.

I've also done C, C++, Objective-C, Java, Python, and XSLT professionally; cut my teeth on Assembly, old-school Basic, Pascal, and Lisp; and other fun stuff in NewtonScript, JavaScript, Logo, Haskell, and various esoteric languages. Another hobby is building and simulating amateur guided rockets.


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