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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Ada Familiar
C Humpfff
JavaScript Familiar
Pascal Familiar
SPARK Beginner
Python Beginner

False unreal name[edit]

Hibou57 is my false unreal name. Someones told me this use to be Yannick Duchêne... this may be true, who-know.

SPARK’s name casing[edit]

About the casing of SPARK : seems it should be written uppercase. At least it is the way it is written in Praxis's documentation, which is actually responsible of the maintenance of this language.

SPARK is not SPARC[edit]

A word to avoid confusion: as recalled by Praxis, SPARK, with a K, has nothing to deals with SPARC, with a C. These are two different things.

SPARK specificities[edit]

SPARK has some specificities and does not only relies on assertions for proofs. For further details, see the SPARK Proof Process.