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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
AWK advanced
C professional
Dc advanced
Haskell beginner
Java medium
JavaScript medium
Sed professional
Standard ML advanced
Tcl medium
UNIX Shell professional


  • I'm born in 1957, live in Berlin and work as a software engineer.
  • Currently (2020) I'm exploiting "dc" as a programming language. Really.


  • Last Changes: 100

Tasks of interest[edit]

Not yet done with...

Could use a dc solution[edit]

Special Idioms[edit]

... for this wiki:

  • When a task does not match a language at all: use Template:Omit from, either sorted in alphabetically, or collected at the end of the task. See e.g. Reports:Tasks not implemented in Tcl (also has an explicit hint)
  • To start quoting output of a program have a line: {{out}}
  • Embed the output itself in: <pre> and </pre>

... for any wiki:

  • Long output may want its own scroll bar: <pre style="height:11em; overflow: auto;">
  • The <pre>-like embedded text snippets above are generated with <code> and </code>