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From Rosetta Code

I work as a Managing Consultant specializing in Agile Development, Methodologies (Certified Scrum Master for 3 years), and processes. I typically consult as a Java Architect and help businesses improve the java development processes then move on to automating IT to make everything more efficient.

I'm an avid Ubuntu user, and haven't used Windows except for iTunes. I've switched from a PC gamer to an XBox360 gamer, recently, so now I don't need to update my hardware routinely (cause Ubuntu works great with the hardware I run).

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Java Extremely Knowledgable and Active
ActionScript Interest (want to learn Flex)
SQL Knowledgable
UNIX Shell Knowledgable
C Rusty
C++ Rusty
JavaScript Rusty
Korn Shell Rusty
Perl Rusty
X86 Assembly Very Rusty

There are countless other languages I've dabbled in, but aren't worth mentioning.