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From Rosetta Code

Hello, my name is Lulu, although I often go by erkin. I'm a functional programmer who likes flexible, expressive and powerful languages with metaprogramming capabilities.

About me[edit]

  • Racket is my go-to language.
  • I'm an avid Emacs user. I use ersatz Emacsen wherever GNU Emacs is unavailable.
  • I use a modified version of Dvorak layout.
  • My favourite locale is en_DK.UTF-8.
  • I don't like the Unix way, but I begrudgingly use GNU/Linux because I believe there's no better alternative.
  • I'm in the "do the right thing" faction (Massachusetts school of thought) in the uphill war against the "worse is better" faction (New Jersey school of thought).
  • I have a soft spot for cute critters. I love cats in particular.
  • My pronouns are they/them.

My languages[edit]

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Racket Advanced
Scheme Advanced
Clojure Advanced
C Proficient
LaTeX Proficient
UNIX Shell Proficient
AWK Intermediate
C++ Intermediate
Emacs Lisp Intermediate
Java Intermediate
Python Intermediate
SQL Intermediate
Brainfuck Novice
Common Lisp Novice
Lua Novice
Perl Novice
Prolog Novice
Ruby Novice
dc Beginner
Elixir Beginner
Forth Beginner
J Beginner
OCaml Beginner
Z80 Assembly Beginner

I like language-oriented programming and domain-specific languages. I believe that there's always a right tool for the task.

Table legend[edit]

  • Beginner: I have written something in this and liked it enough to list here. I intend to learn more of it in the future.
  • Novice: I used this extensively for at least a while but I don't consider myself well-versed enough.
  • Intermediate: I know my way around this and used it for large, nontrivial tasks.
  • Proficient: I used it for significant tasks and spent a while delving into its guts, identifying pitfalls and internalising idioms.
  • Advanced: Having spent a lot of time using this, I consider myself very comfortable with it and tend to reach to it for new tasks.
  • Expert: I arrogantly believe I know this language inside out, possibly mistakenly.