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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
C Fair
Fortran Good
Java Good
JavaScript Good
Run Basic Expert
Rebol Fair
PHP Great
8086 Assembly Fair
Smalltalk Beginner
SQL Expert
UNIX Shell Beginner

I'm retired, but still like to do programming as a hobby. I've done about everything you can in the systems/software business. Most recently I worked as a consultant for PeopleSoft and Oracle installing HR systems for large cities and states. Almost all the systems I've worked on required huge databases with millions of records using relational databases. PeopleSoft for HR has over 3200 tables and some tables had several millions of records. Some SQL queries require several hours to complete. So tuning SQL was always a priority.

I've written several software packages that produce enough income so I could retire early.

I cut my teeth writing in Assembler, and VAX Basic. I tried to count the languages I've developed in over the years and it's well over 20. I am especially interested in Run Basic