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From Rosetta Code
Languages I Know
Language Proficiency
C++ Master
Ada Rusty
Alice ML Apprentice
APL Rusty
6502 Assembly Rusty
6800 Assembly Rusty
8080 Assembly Rusty
Z80 Assembly Rusty
8086 Assembly Rusty
80386 Assembly Rusty
Pentium Assembly Apprentice
HLA Apprentice
L.in.oleum Apprentice
Bash Rusty
Batch File Rusty
C Journeyman
C sharp Apprentice
Cilk++ Apprentice
Clipper Rusty
Clojure Apprentice
D Apprentice
Delphi Rusty
Eiffel Rusty
Erlang Apprentice
F Sharp Apprentice
Factor Apprentice
Falcon Apprentice
Fantom Apprentice
Felix Apprentice
Forth Rusty
Fortran Rusty
GAP Apprentice
Gema Apprentice
Glee Apprentice
Gnuplot Apprentice
Haskell Apprentice
Haxe Apprentice
Icon Rusty
J Apprentice
Java Practitioner
JavaScript Journeyman
JoCaml Apprentice
Lisp Rusty
Logtalk Apprentice
Lua Apprentice
MATLAB Journeyman
Mercury Apprentice
Modula-2 Rusty
μC++ Apprentice
Nial Apprentice
OCaml Practitioner
Occam Apprentice
Octave Practitioner
OpenC++ Apprentice
Oz Practitioner
PARI/GP Apprentice
Pascal Rusty
Perl Practitioner
PHP Practitioner
PL/I Rusty
PostScript Rusty
POV-Ray Apprentice
Prolog Rusty
Pure Apprentice
Python Journeyman
R Apprentice
REXX Rusty
Ruby Apprentice
Sather Apprentice
Scala Apprentice
Scheme Rusty
Seed7 Apprentice
SETL Rusty
Smalltalk Apprentice
Snobol Rusty
SQL Journeyman
Standard ML Apprentice
SVG Apprentice
Unicon Apprentice
xBase Rusty
XQuery Apprentice
XSLT Apprentice
Yacas Apprentice
Yorick Apprentice
ZPL Apprentice
zsh Apprentice

I am Ed Keith. I wrote my first program, and keyed the 6800 machine code in to a prototype microcomputer using a hex pad in the mid 1970's and have been programming professionally since 1985. I have a blog at http://edkeith.blogspot.com/.

When I am not programming computers, I am teaching aikido, doing shiatsu, or reading.